An incredible plugin for rollbacks, restores, and more. Tracking so good, the NSA stole our name

Prism is the ultimate grief management (rollbacks, restores, etc) plugin for your server. It's amazingly fast, versatile, and a pleasure to use. Prism tracks 72+ events, boasts a vastly superior rollback engine, and offers tons of extra features.

Prism is truly in a class of its own.


Users Say

"Just switched from CoreProtect to this. Totally worth it."

"The plugin is nuts. Switched over from LogBlock now and never looking back."

"This is definetly the best rollback plugin I have used"

"I love this plugin! Seemed so hard at first, then I used it."

Official Website & Documentation

Tutorial & Highlight Videos

Intro & Demo Video (Pre-Beta)

Video Tutorial 1: Lookups

Video Tutorial 2: Rollbacks

Video Tutorial 3: More on Rollbacks

Woopra Gaming Tutorial: Prism

French Tutorial

Minecraft Monday - Prism Tutorial

Prism Comparison vs LogBlock

Prism Tests Outdated

Features Overview

  • Prism tracks 72 (and growing) different player, entity, and world events.
  • Multiple tools and commands let you see exactly what happened.
  • Fully configurable wand system - 3 mode choices and per-player personalization means it will work exactly how you want.
  • Rollback or restore events directly, or with a preview mode first.
  • Extremely configurable
  • Works for Bukkit, Spigot, MCPC+, etc
  • Safe command defaults (can be configured), very clean and fun-to-use chat messages.
  • Smartest rollback/restore engine ever.
  • A dozen extra grief management features that NO other rollback plugin has.
  • Extremely fast. Takes a pounding.
  • Extremely configurable.
  • Dozens of extra features you don't get from other plugins.
  • Requires MySQL for best performance.

Unmatched FTB Server Support

Available in Prism 2

We've worked hard with the MCPC+ team to build amazing mod block/item tracking support into Prism. Including, but not limited to:

  • Track contents of mod containers and blocks
  • Tracking container-*, item-insert, item-remove, and other item actions for modded containers.
  • Additional tracking of TileEntity data for modded containers

You must use recent builds of MCPC+, and MCPC-specific builds of Prism

Features Detail

Events and Lookup

  • Tracks 72+ player, entity, and world events.
  • Includes block changes, container access, item inserts/remove/pickups/drops, entity deaths, shearing, vehicle events, and a LOT more.
  • Related events tracked to causing player like blocks falling, blocks detaching, trees growing, and much more.
  • Smart logging and rollback of important related data like sign text, sheep color, wolf owner, animal age, villager profession, etc
  • Tracks liquid flow and items that break because of it (lava/water-break can be tracked even when *-flow is off)
  • Tracks world edits (requires world edit 5.4.5+)
  • Fine-tuned config allows you to control tracking of every single event.
  • Incredibly powerful config/personalization system for all wands - set the mode, item, even allow users to personalize how their own wands work.
  • Inspector wand allows you to find history for single blocks/spaces.
  • Near command finds recent events around you.
  • Lookup command is extremely powerful with our versatile parameters.
  • Lookup results group together, turning hundreds of duplicate records for a player into one, with a count.
  • Powerful parameters support exclusions, listing multiple, partial name filter, and more.
  • Action names also have short-names for easier typing and can be used to combine related actions.
  • Radius parameter supports world edit selections, basing off another online player, and more.
  • A wide range of flags allow you to change lookup behavior at command time
  • Very clean chat messages and paginated results to ease your burden.

Rollbacks, Restore, Preview (R/R/P)

  • Rollback and restore commands you know and love.
  • Rollback or restore directly, or preview changes for both modes first.
  • Apply/cancel previews, or let them auto-cancel after a minute.
  • Extremely safe default parameters make it harder for you to make mistakes, but can be overridden in-game when you absolutely need them, or can be disable entirely via config.
  • You can even rollback killed entities, items taken from containers, broken vehicles, and more.
  • Sign rollbacks will restore their text
  • Rollbacks of burn events also extinguish fires.
  • Rollbacks of tnt/creeper explosion events also remove the laggy item drops.
  • We're CONSTANTLY testing to ensure that rollbacks are smart - problem items like doors, beds, cactus, sugar cane, and more are always restored properly! No half-doors!
  • Rollbacks/restores can be alerted to nearby players, and to staff members (staff see actual rollback params).
  • Rollback systems moves any players or animals in the way to a safe position on rollback
  • Rollback/restore world edits (requires world edit 5.4.5+)
  • Advanced, optional flags give you ultimate control over the rollback/restore action at command-time.

Web Search Interface

  • Allows you to view/search your data through a website.
  • Very clean, modern design makes it an awesome experience.
  • We've worked hard to increase performance of the db/queries - databases with millions of records work well.
  • Optional user authentication support allows you to require people to login before using.
  • Example class for extending the authentication system to use a different credential layer


Extra Features

  • Alerts for staff when players find natural ores (configurable).
  • Alerts for staff when players use flint and steel, place lava.
  • Alerts for staff on configurable list of placed/broken blocks (like tnt).
  • Alerts for staff for suspected piston xray cheats.
  • Put out fires with the extinguish command
  • Drain all liquids or just water/lava
  • Profile wand shows you data about a block.
  • /what command identifies items you hold.


  • Consistently designed chat messages are easy to read, and never spam you.
  • Complete in-game help system. Lists all commands, parameters, example param uses, actions (both full and partial names), and flags
  • All commands are consistent and designed knowing a human will be using them.
  • Config allows you to ignore creative mode, or a list of players, worlds, etc.


  • Full API so that other plugins can query and record data.
  • Lookup API allows plugins to perform a lookup, and process the results.
  • Rollback/Restore API allows a plugin to activate a rollback/restore and process the results
  • Custom Event tracking. Plugins can define custom events that Prism can track for them
  • Custom Event Applier - Plugins can even define custom rollback/restore code for their own events!!


  • Viveleroi, nasonfish and some of our experienced users are often in IRC to assist you.
  • Vive typically replies immediately. We respond to/organize filed tickets immediately
  • We typically reply to messages or bukkitdev comments immediately
  • Users have told us it's unprecedented support


  • Prism 2 supports a vastly superior database design - 77% faster, 25% smaller than Prism 1
  • Multi-threaded queue system for tracking events, combined with a batch recording system makes event recording happen quickly and with minimal impact to your server.
  • Block r/r/p are queued for large changes to reduce chances of impacting the main thread.
  • Extremely smart database design with a lot of time invested in structure optimization, query performance testing, and more.
  • We perform profiling with every major release and according to third party profiling we're the second fastest rollback plugin among the leaders. LogBlock is only faster because it doesn't compare to the amount of tracking Prism offers.
  • A dev server with 512M RAM, 2.7Ghz dual core processor, 9k blocks from a tnt explosion restored in 1.4 seconds - 1467 milliseconds from command to rollback completion. Most common rollbacks on the same machine tend to take < 200ms to restore. Similar results on relatively equal machines from shared bukkit hosting companies during initial tests.

Supported Plugins

Here's a quick list of known plugins that use the Prism 1.5+ API in some form:

Get Help

IRC: #prism

This is the best place to get help. If we're not there, you need to leave the tab open until someone can reply.


Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States


Prism, designed with experience from using competing products on DHMC, and dealing with nearly 19k players in a year and a half.

  • viveleroi (Creator, Lead Dev)
  • bloodmc (Assistance with MCPC+ special compatibility)
  • nasonfish (Contributor)
  • YeaItsMe (Release QA)
  • nasonfish, Natman93, YeaItsMe, mafoan (Alpha Testers)
  • mafoan, randox24, tacovan, nehocbelac, Shampoo123, cxmmy14, Palczynski, drac17, ollie2000, PGKxNIGHTMARE, allies333, DocVanNostrand, drfizzman123, 00benallen, rachaelriott, PheonixTamer, YeaItsMe, Natman93, Brazter, sydney2005, rsleight, napalm1, Teh_Fishman, and plenty more from DHMC (Live Testers on DHMC)
  • WorldEdit block logging #1 based on work by Ammaraskar
  • Metrics class Copyright 2011 Tyler Blair. All rights reserved.
  • Artwork by LegendarySoldier


This plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which, if enabled, anonymously tracks the following about your server at A unique identifier, server java version, online mode, plugin & server versions, OS version/name and architecture, cpu core count, player counts.

This information is used purely to help inform our technical decisions and boost our egos with how many people are enjoying our work.

Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true.

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Hey, I'm viveleroi and I'm responsible for 99% of Prism, the WebUI, the website, the documentation, responding to comments, IRC, and snowy tickets. But I also have a job and a family. Prism, and the rest of my plugins take an incalculable amount of time and that's hard to manage without any pay.

So please, make a donation and make it easier for me to continue with these amazing plugins.

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