This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

print3D Plugin for Bukkit

What does it do?

Did you ever want to have some 3dmodels in minecraft, but you were to lazy to build them yourself?
Or did you try to build them, but it was a pain in the ass?
Well here is a solution to that problem :D My Plugin can read .3ds files and print them into your minecraft world. (With textures)
Easyly create big buildings within minutes (minecraft/bukkit is a little bit slow XD)
Donate me :D?

Tutorial:[Video coming somewhen]


  1. /print3D <file> [texture]:
    Prints out the given 3ds-file with an optional texture. both have to be in "plugins/print3D/"
    if no texture is specified, the block you are currently holding is used.
    The Model will be positioned where you are currently standing(or floating), so you will be the models Origin (0,0,0).
    The file must be a 3ds-file.
    how to export one from either Blender or 3dsmax can be seen here:
    Blender: [Video coming somewhen]
    3dsmax: [Video coming somewhen]
    The texture can be a PNG,BMP,JPG... All commonly used imageformats
    Usage sample:
    /print3D myhouse.3ds housetexture.png
    This will print the first Model(if there are multiple) from myhouse.3ds with the texture housetexture.png.
    Both must be located in the plugins Data folder (BukkitRoot/plugins/print3D)
  2. /print3Dconfig <identifier> [value]:
    There are 3 options to be set or read
    1-drawsEachCall : how much blocks are drawn each time the drawer is called
    2-everyXTicks : how often the drawer is called. 1 means every 20 ms while 50 means once a second.
    3-language : what language is used for some messages. currently only english and german are available (default is english)
    You can also use the number as identifier
    /print3dconfig drawsEachCall 50
    now each time the drawer is called it will draw 50 blocks
    you can also use /print3dconfig 1 50 here
  3. /print3dstatus
    this will give you some infos about how much models have to be drawn, and more important how much blocks
  4. more to come soon..?
  • Beta 0.1:
    First release based up on my old plugin which had some problems
    Draws 3dmodels into the world, with or without a texture and gives some basic options to change
  • Beta 0.2:
    doesnt crash anymore when no texture coordinates are present. shows a warning and uses 0,0 as texture coordinate for each vertex
    deleted pumpkin, sand and gravel from the colors. pumpkin generated big amounts of snowmen with some textures. sand and gravel fall down and are therefore not useful for 3d models


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