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This plugin started out as a private plugin that would allow us to go /vanish then do a command saying we left the server for we could spy on the users and check how the new staff was doing.


  • Has a /fakejoin
  • Has a /fakeleave
  • Has a /fakeheal
  • Has a /fakefeed
  • Has a /fakeop
  • Has a /fakedeop
  • Has a /fakeeco
  • Has a /fakechat
  • Has a /fakeblock
  • Has a /fakegroup

Commands and Permissions

/fakejoin <playername>Says <playername> joined the server.prank.fakejoin
/fakeleave <playername>Says <playername> left the server.prank.fakeleave
/fakeop <playername>Tells the <playername> You are now op!prank.fakeop
/fakedeop <playername>Tells the <playername> You are no longer op!prank.fakedeop
/fakefeed <playername>Tells the <playername> Your appetite has been sated.prank.fakefeed
/fakeheal <playername>Tells the <playername> You have been healed.prank.fakeleave
/fakeeco <playername> <number>Tells the <playername> that $<numbersyouputin> has been added to your account!prank.fakeeco
/fakechat <playername> <text>Forces the <playername> to say what ever you typed in!prank.fakechat
/fakeblock <block> <player>Tells the <playername> that they now have permission to place <block>!prank.fakeblock
/fakegroup <group> <world> <player>Tells the <playername> "You were moved to the group <group> in <world>."!prank.fakegroup


  • Download
  • Put in plugins folder(or equivalent)
  • Restart server
  • Set up permissions(if wanted, by default it is set to OPS)


As of right now there is only permission nodes that can be configured. By default it is just set to OP.


Having issues with our Pranker? Please use the following format ticket so we can help you effectively!

  • Name:
  • Version:
  • Error Code:
  • Your Plugins(If possible):

If you do not follow this format, your ticket will be ignored.


  • Advanced perms
  • Whatever you guys want!!(Please leave a comment of what you would like to see!!)



This plugin was made by me, TheFoolswithTools, and Purevega(also known as 14zelliott) helps me by responding to ticket's etc. This plugin is sponsored by MafiaCraft, a PvP-RolePlay server! Come check it out click here if that doesn't work go here


Also if you liked this plugin and would like to see more hit that donate button :D It fund's towards more plugins and future updates!!


PLEASE READ Hello, everyone! Thank's to Purevega aka 14zelliott. We now have a PMC page for this plugin, we have a total of 219 downloads as of now on the pmc page which is amazing :D So we will be hitting 2000 downloads a lot faster now :D Don't worry though most people that are going to the pmc page are coming here to download rather then pmc. Which mean's for the most part it will be able to be seen when we hit 2000 on here. Thank's everyone! Also it was a POP REEL which means, it was on the front page!! :D Yay! I'm trying to think of some extra stuff to add to this plugin!


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