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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Originally requested by InflamedSebi in this thread.

PowerTool allows you to bind commands to your in-hand items. Any item may be assigned commands for both left-click and right-click. Bound commands remain until you manually clear the binding.

Please post bugs and/or feature requests as dev.bukkit.org tickets.

Features Bound commands may include special tokens which are appropriately substituted when the item is used. Currently, these are: Token Description %p The name of the player you left-clicked or right-clicked. %x X-coordinate of the block targeted by your crosshairs %y Y-coordinate of the block targeted by your crosshairs %z Z-coordinate of the block targeted by your crosshairs %Y Y-coordinate of the nearest air block above the block targeted by your crosshairs All of these tokens are configurable.

Works in creative mode. Right-clicking and left-clicking players in creative mode will generally work, even when far away (up to 100 blocks).

Ability to define global power tools. These are administrator-defined binds that can be made available to whoever you want (based on permissions).

Fine-grained control over the use of power tools via permissions.

Global power tools may grant temporary permissions or even be run as the console. Needless to say, these features should be used with care.

The number of player-created binds may be limited based on group/permission.

Items may be further differentiated by custom display name (e.g. when given one via Anvils). Note this option is off by default, enable it in the configuration file.

Commands There's only one command, /powertool which may also be abbreviated /pt or /ptool:

/powertool left <the-command-to-bind> — Binds the command (and its arguments) to the left-click action of the current item. The command must not include the first slash. This may also be abbreviated as /powertool l. /powertool right <the-command-to-bind> — Binds the command (and its arguments) to the right-click action of the current item. This may also be abbreviated as /powertool r. /powertool left — With no command to bind, the currently-bound left-click command is cleared from the current item. Use /powertool right to clear the right-click command. /powertool list — Displays all player-defined power tools for the current player. /powertool clear — Clears all bound commands from the current item. /powertool clear <item-id-or-name> — Clears all bound commands from the specified item. /powertool clear -a — Clears all bound commands from all items. /powertool on — Enable power tools for this session (default is on). /powertool off — Disable power tools for this session. /powertool toggle — Toggle power tools availability. Can also be abbreviated as /powertool t. /powertool reload — Re-reads config.yml. Permissions PowerTool only supports Bukkit permissions (aka Superperms). By default, ops have all permissions.

powertool.use — Allows the use and creation of power tools. (Has powertool.use.* and powertool.create as child permissions.) powertool.use.* — Allows the use of all power tools. powertool.use.<item-id> — Allows the use of a specific power tool identified by item-id. item-id may be numeric (e.g. 322 for golden apple), or the Bukkit Material name with or without underscores (e.g. GOLDEN_APPLE or GOLDENAPPLE). Note that Bukkit permissions are not case-sensitive, so both powertool.use.golden_apple and powertool.use.GOLDEN_APPLE work fine. powertool.create — Allows the creation of personal power tools. A player must be given this permission in order to use the left/right/list/clear subcommands. powertool.reload — Allows use of /powertool reload Additionally, per-group power tool limits may be defined using permissions. See the options section in config.yml for details.

Global, Administrator-defined Binds By editing config.yml, the server administrator can define binds for use by anyone with the powertool.use permission.

For example:

powertools: string: left-click: plugins right-click: version The item ID ("string" in the above example) may be an integer item ID or a name. If using an integer item ID, you must quote it as a string, e.g. '287' for "string." If using a name, you must use a standard Bukkit material name (found here). For example, for golden apples, you may use one of:

GOLDEN_APPLE 'golden apple' (since it has a space, it must be quoted) goldenapple Examples Promote and demote users using the left-click and right-click actions of the current item:

/powertool l promote %p

/powertool r demote %p

Bind WorldEdit's copy & paste commands. Remember that many WorldEdit commands normally start with two slashes, but you must always omit the first slash.

/powertool left /copy

/powertool right /paste

License PowerTool is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

PowerTool To do: Allow setting/clearing global power tools from the command line (for those with the proper permission, of course). Allow player-specific power tools to override global ones. Allow global power tool flags (e.g. run-as-console) to be assigned to each individual action.


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