# Print extra debugging information to the server log
debug: false

# Automatically download updates (true, false, or notify-only)
auto-update: notify-only

# Keep a donkey/mule's chest contents when storing it in the saddle (drop it if false)
store-inventory: true

# Keep a horse's armor when storing it in the saddle (drop it if false)
store-armor: true

# If true, a PortableHorse saddle can be placed inside a chest on another horse.  
# This may lead to client crashes if abused, use with caution.
allow-nested-saddles: false

# Require a "Portable Horse" saddle in order to despawn the horse.
# If this is true, a normal saddle will behave like it did without this plugin, and only the Portable Horse saddle can be used to despawn horses.
require-special-saddle: false

# Allow crafting the Portable Horse Saddle
craft-special-saddle: false

# If crafting is enabled, the recipe is a saddle surrounded by this item.
recipe-extra-item: ENDER_PEARL

# do permission checks for saddling/unsaddling and spawning. 
use-permissions: true

# If true, sneak+punching a saddled horse will cause the PortableHorses saddle to drop as a normal item, leaving the horse in tact and unsaddled
allow-saddle-removal: true

# if true, only the player who spawned a horse is able to unsaddle, ride, or access it's inventory.
prevent-horse-theft: false

# if true, other players cannot damage another player's portable horse.
prevent-horse-damage: false

# After this much time without any interactions with the horse, the 'owner' of the horse is forgotten, allowing horse-theft and horse-damage by other players.
theft-prevention-expiry: 30d


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