Need something to decorate your server? Tired of building player statues by hand? A tad bit conceited? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this plugin is perfect for you!
  1. Download the .jar file
  2. Move the .jar to your "plugins" folder in your server folder
  3. Restart your server
  4. Type "/statue USERNAME" to generate a statue for the specified USERNAME
  • Usage: "/statue USERNAME [glass|concrete|terracotta|planks|gray|wool] [default|slim|legacy] [xy|xz|yz] [iron_armor|diamond_armor|chainmail_armor|golden_armor] [left_leg|right_leg|body|head|left_arm|right_arm] [hue:0-1|saturation:0-1|brightness:0-1|contrast:0-1|posterize:LEVEL]"
  • Usage: "/undostatue" (Admin) You can now UNDO more than just your last statue!
  • Supports the new skin type (sleeves, pantlegs, jacket, etc.)
  • Supports the "slim" skin format with 3 pixel arms
  • Supports the older skin type without sleeves, pantlegs, or a jacket
  • So it basically supports all skins!
  • EXAMPLE 1: "/statue [USERNAME] glass" creates a statue made of glass only
  • EXAMPLE 2: "/statue [USERNAME] concrete" creates a statue made of concrete only
  • EXAMPLE 3: "/statue [USERNAME] terracotta planks" creates a statue made of only terracotta and wood planks
  • EXAMPLE 4: "/statue [USERNAME] gray" creates a grayscale statue
  • EXAMPLE 5: "/statue [USERNAME] slim gray" creates a grayscale statue that has the "slim" skin format (3px arms)
  • EXAMPLE 6: "/statue [USERNAME] wool xz" creates a statue made of only wool. The statue is lying down because of the "xz" parameter.
  • EXAMPLE 7: "/statue [USERNAME] diamond_armor concrete" creates a statue with diamond armor made only out of concrete
  • EXAMPLE 8: "/statue [USERNAME] wool glass chainmail_helmet iron_chestplate golden_boots" creates a statue with a chainmail helmet, iron chestplate, and golden boots, made only out of wool and glass
  • EXAMPLE 9: "/statue [USERNAME] head right_arm slim" creates the head and right arm components of the statue only with slim arms (Use this to build a statue in parts)
  • EXAMPLE 10: "/statue [USERNAME] hue:.2 contrast:.3 posterize:3 saturation:.4 brightness:.5" shifts the hue of the image by .2, sets contrast at .3 (decreases contrast), posterizes the image with 3 levels (more levels = more colors), saturation reduced to .4, brightness reduced to .5
  • The default setting is "default"
  • Also supports different skin orientations (lying down, lying on side, standing up)
  • So you would type "/statue USERNAME slim xz" if you would like to generate a skin with the user USERNAME, with a skin format of "slim", and having the statue laying down.

New Features in 1.3 (1/3/20)

  • WorldGuard Support (also works without WorldGuard)!!!
  • Spawns the statue two blocks above the player to prevent suffocation.
  • If used by a survival/normal player, the plugin won't delete blocks- only modifies air. This prevents accidental modification of the terrain, and eliminates the possibility that the statue will destroy bedrock or other stuff it shouldn't destroy.
  • Rotates the statue so that it faces you (Supports 4 directions + the aforementioned xy,xz,yz, so 12 orientations in total!)
  • Multithreaded so it shouldn't lag your server
  • Allows building of a statue ONLY if the uncolored/undyed blocks are in inventory (Admins bypass this) w/ Terracotta, Wood, Wool, and Diamonds (Diamond Cost = number of blocks divided by 16) - for survival/normal players. Configurable!
  • Informs the player of what blocks/items are needed to build the statue
  • Cooldowns between statue creations
  • Config file supports cooldowns (min), extra items required, and # of extra items required

New Features in 1.4 (2/15/20)

  • New Command: /undostatue
  • Yes, you can finally undo a statue you have just created
  • By default, only admins can undo statues
  • The undo command will not overwrite blocks that are not part of the statue
  • The command will undo the last statue created by ANYONE on the server!
  • Fixed version number and plugin.yml

New Features in 1.5 (3/28/20)

  • Concrete is now supported, increasing the accuracy of the statue (statues also look much cleaner)
  • Players must have white concrete in their inventory to make statues with concrete (if you're not an admin)
  • Fixed some (but not all) embarrassing bugs

New Features in 1.6 (4/10/20)

  • Supports the following NEW block types: glass, concrete, terracotta, planks, gray-colored blocks, wool (you can combine them too!)
  • You can undo multiple statues! If you made 4 statues, you can /undostatue all of them away by running the command 4 times!
  • See examples for some new things to try out! See gallery for examples of how one skin can create different types of statues!

New Features in 1.7 (4/17/20) and 1.8 Patch (4/20/20)

  • Supports different armor types! Examples:
  • You can now read a skin from the plugin data folder (directly from your computer) by typing "/statue .FILENAME" Do not forget to include the period in front of the filename. Do not include .png when you type the filename in the command.
  • You can add armor to your player statues now (chainmail, golden, diamond, iron)! You can select a piece of armor by stating what type of armor and then adding "_helmet" , "_chestplate" , or "_boots" (ex: diamond_boots).
  • The plugin now uses bStats for plugin metrics; no personal information is stored and if you use worldedit/essentialsX you likely already use bStats. You may opt out by going to the configuration file under the "bStats" folder in your plugins folder.
  • See example 7 and 8 above for things to try out.

New Features in 1.9 (5/1/20)

  • You can build statues in parts (i.e. left_leg only)
  • See example 9 for details
  • You can choose to require players to have EXACT blocks (see config)
  • EssentialsX Economy AND Vault Support!
  • You can now charge money for statues based on how big the statue is
  • Default cooldown is now 1 minute instead of 5 minutes
  • New configuration options

New Features in 1.10 (5/18/21)

  • The plugin attempts to connect to a fallback API to grab skins if the Mojang API is down
  • Now automatically creates a slim statue if the arms are less than 4 pixels wide (instead of having to type "slim")
  • New Filters (Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Posterize adjustments-- see Example 10)
  • Typically you'd probably just want to adjust the hue between 0 and 1
  • Pink wool removed from colormaps


How to create a statue with a skin image directly from your computer

  • 1. Obtain your skin's .png file and copy it
  • 2. Go to your "plugins" folder in your server folder
  • 3. Go to the "PlayerStatueBuilderX" folder
  • 4. Paste your skin's .png file here. Remember the name of the file!!! (Like "bestskin.png" or "bestskin")
  • 5. Start your server
  • 6. Type "/statue .FILENAME" Make sure you ADD the period BEFORE you write the name of the file. REMOVE ".png" at the end of your filename when you type it into the command if you have it. Ex: Your file is named "bestSkinEver.png" so you would type "/statue .bestSkinEver"
  • 7. You can add "glass" "diamond_armor" etc. after it just like a normal skin statue to customize it!


Remember: If you'd like to update from an earlier version, simply delete the old .jar file from your plugins folder and insert the new one!


More info


      description: Allow creation of a statue
      default: true
      description: Create a statue, bypassing material requirements
      default: op
      description: Allows creation of statues in the xz and yz plane. Orientation unpredictable so Admin only!
      default: op
      description: Player statue is created and overwrites blocks (usually just skips if not air)
      default: op
      description: The player does not need to wait out the cooldown to make the statue - 5 minutes is default
      default: op
description: The player is allowed to undo the last statue created by ANYONE on the server (no material refunds). You must have "override" permissions for this to work
default: op
      description: The player can put a '.' in front to create a custom statue from the plugin's data folder
      default: true  
Configuration File Details:
# PlayerStatueBuilderX Configuration File
# For the number of blocks below inside the statue total, add one of the "charge" item to the total
# So if rate is 16 and the total blocks in the statue is 512, the player would need 512/16 = 32 of the "charge" item (in this case, Diamond)
rate: 16
# Cooldown time for using the command in MINUTES (No decimals, set to zero for no cooldown). So 1 means 1 minute between SUCCESSFUL statue CREATIONS (or statue parts).
cooldown: 1
# The "rate" determines how many extra of this "charge" item a player will need. Ex: EMERALD, REDSTONE, DIAMOND, etc.
charge: DIAMOND
# Whether the plugin requires exact materials (ex: 10 blue_concrete and 7 red_concrete INSTEAD of 17 white_concrete)
exact: false
# Cost (in $ - EssentialsX/Vault support) per block that will be placed (ex: 1000 block statue adds $2500 to the cost if priceRate is 2.5)
priceRate: 0.0
Please report any bugs you may happen to come across ASAP so I can fix them.
Video Showcase/Tutorial by Barbercraft:
My Video (Documentation):
(1.6 Artistic Update):
(1.7 Accessory Update):


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