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Ever needed to ban someone, change someone's rank, op someone, mail someone, teleport to someone's home, or any other task involving the person's name? Ever found yourself unable to remember that name, but able to recall a few of the letters or numbers in it? Look no further for the help you need!

PlayerSearch allows you to type in a query and lists the players whose names contain your search. It also lets you know which of the players in your query are online. In addition, you can edit the list of players who have joined the server, which is stored in config.yml (players are automatically added to this list when they log in, if they aren't in it already).


/lookup <search> - Search the names of all players that have ever joined the server (starting when the plugin was installed) Note: The search results will include any players whose name contains your <search>, so there is no need to recall the player's exact name.

Command Aliases for /lookup: /find, /playersearch, /psearch


  • playersearch.lookup - players with this node are allowed to use the search engine to lookup players' names
  • playersearch.find and are duplicate nodes of playersearch.lookup (idiot-proofing the plugin)


This plugin was developed on request, so while I'll be maintaining it, I won't be adding any new features.


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