You want to use PlayerPoints in your plugin? Then this things will help you:

Firstly download PlayerPoints and add it in your plugin library

Import this:

import org.black_ixx.playerPoints.*;

Paste this at OnEnable:

		if(!playerPointsEnable()){   return;	}

Then paste this anywhere of your mainclass: (This will check, if you have PlayerPoints)

private boolean playerPointsEnable() {
		Plugin playerPointsPlugin = this.getServer().getPluginManager().getPlugin("PlayerPoints");	     
		if (playerPointsPlugin == null) {
			System.out.print("PlayerPoints not found, disabling " + this);
			return false;
		System.out.print("[PointShop] PlayerPoints found.");
		return true; }

This are the important things, now if you want to get the points of a player just use this: pname = playername


And now if you want to change the points of an player just use this (this is very simple):

Example if you want to subtract the itemPrice from a player:

getServer().dispatchCommand(getServer().getConsoleSender(), "points give "+pName+" -"+itemPrice);

Example if you want to add points:

getServer().dispatchCommand(getServer().getConsoleSender(), "points give "+pName+" "+points);


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