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PlayerStats is a Minecraft server plugin that adds a command to view player statistics in top-10 format or individually. Currently supports version 1.16.5 to 1.20.4 on platforms:

  • Bukkit
  • Spigot
  • Paper
  • Purpur


(It's possible PlayerStats works on other platforms too, but these are the ones I have explicitly tested.)


Easy to use

- One central command that can:

  • Explain how to use the plugin with /statistic 


  • Show you the top 10 on your server for all possible statistics with /statistic ... top 



  • See those same statistics for any individual player with /statistic ... player 



  •  Or look up the combined total of everyone on your server



  • Guide you through the available options while you type with an extensive tab-complete feature 



  • See the output in a readable format that makes sense in the Minecraft world, with more information in hover-text:


  • Share statistics that you look up with the other players in chat:


No set-up required

  • PlayerStats will work correctly regardless of how long your server has already existed - it doesn't have to be present when you start a new world
  • Data is retrieved directly from already existing playerfiles, so you don't have to set up a database, use scoreboards, or anything of the sort


 PlaceholderAPI support

  • Placeholders are added in a separate expansion, which can be found here on GitHub, in the PlaceholderAPI eCloud, or downloaded in-game with /papi ecloud download PlayerStats
  • For more information about the placeholders, see the expansion's GitHub!



  • PlayerStats uses multi-threading to ensure server performance does not suffer and players cannot crash the server by spamming its commands
  • This also means that calculating statistics will be very fast



- You can customize the following (and more):

  • Choose which range of units you want to display your time-, damage- and distance-based statistics in: 



  • Automatically translate statistics to the language of the client that views them, or customize the statistic-names through the language.yml file
  • Use festive formatting, or enable rainbow mode whenever! 


  • Only show statistics for whitelisted players
  • Exclude statistics from banned players
  • Exclude statistics from specific players with /statexclude
  • Limit statistics based on when a player last joined. This option can be particularly useful if you have had a lot of players join your server in the past whose statistics aren't of particular interest to your current player-base. On top of that, limiting the amount of players shown in the top 10 can greatly increase performance speed.
  • The colors you want the output to be
  • You can go for default Minecraft chat colors, or use hex colors
  • Whether you want the output to have additional style, such as italics

- You can configure the following permissions:

  • playerstats.stat for using the general command (true for everyone by default)
  • playerstats.share for sharing statistics in chat (true for everyone by default)
  • playerstats.reload for reloading the config (only for OP players by default)
  • playerstats.exclude to exclude players from top- and server-statistics (only for OP players by default)

Author Info
I am a relatively new programmer, and this is one of my first projects. I greatly enjoyed making it, and I tried to make it as efficient as I could. If you have any questions, remarks, or suggestions, please let me know! You can find me here on GitHub.


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