New queue system! How to use it?

Preparing for the queue:

First, you want to create a warp for each gym you have in
the location on where the Challenger should be teleported upon being selected from the queue. (The Gym Area)

/gym setwarp <gym#> - Sets a warp used for the queue, this is where you want the challenger to be teleported to. The warps must be called gym1, gym2, etc...
These warps will show up in the data.yml in the PixelmonGyms folder. You do not need to touch these.
However, if you decide you don't want a location.. do /gym delwarp <gym#>.

Once you have all your gym warps set up, the rest of the queue system sort of works.
However the next step some people will hate.

The queue in 5.1 works off a badge ladder. By this is mean that you must have won gym1 badge to join the gym2 gym queue.

But how does the queue know if a player has won the previous gym?.. well /gym win <gym#> (player) adds the player in (player) to a file called badges.yml. It will then give that player that u specified a string that says "gym#" (whichever gym# you wrote  in the command).

If the Player has gym1 under there name in the file, they can now enter the queue for gyms but not gym 3.

So here is the hard manual part, you need to spend some time or anyone with pixelgym.admin or the corresponding pixelgym.gym# going through online players checking if they have the gym badges and if they have some then using the command on them to add them to the player file. As mentioned gym leaderst can do this for there specific gym too if someone shows that they the badge.

TIP: When going through online players looking to see what badges they have if any.  Check to see what there highest badge is and just do /gym win gym# of that highest badge.

Why? Because they will only be entering the next queue up from there highest badge. Not going backwards.


Player: ABkayCkay
Has gym1, gym2, gym3 and gym4 badges in his inventory.

Type: /gym win gym4 ABkayCkay
Because only gym4 will be checked for when entering the queue for gym5.

Full queue guide comming soon...


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