Make pigs spew bacon!

This is a clone of iChun's single player Pig Grinder mod,and was requested on this thread.
The thread on the Bukkit Forum is here.

PigGrinder version 1.3

PigGrinder allows you to craft a Grinder, cunningly disguised as a common bucket, with the following recipe:
Right-click a pig with it, and the grinder will cut the pig into slices of delicious bacon from the inside out. When there is no more bacon left in the pig's empty shell, the pig explodes.


Plugin review by JustDoAsIDo


  • Get pork. Lots of it.
  • Get cooked porkchops if the pig is lit on fire
  • Configurable amount of pork spawned per pig, rate of spawn, and whether pigs explode when they are exhausted of pork.
  • Optional Spout support. If Spout is detected, the grinder will have "Grinder" as its name when hovered over in the inventory, and pigs with a grinder attached will have a new texture to reflect it.

Source at GitHub

amount: amount of pork that can be spawned from a pig. Default: 20
delay: Interval between pork drops in in-game ticks. Default: 5
material: The material that the Grinder appears as. Default: BUCKET
metadata: The special damage value that distinguishes grinders. Default: 70
explode:Whether pigs explode after dropping all the pork. Default: true
explodepower: The power of the explosion. Default: 1.0
textureurl: the URL of the pig's texture when a grinder is attached. Default: http://cloud.github.com/downloads/zhuowei/PigGrinder/pig_grinder_texture.png
yvelocity: The initial vertical speed of an item when it drops from the grinder. Increase it to have the drops launch higher. Default: 0.25

Spout's Api changed for 1.0.5, and the plugin had to be fixed.
Now uses Spout to change pig's skin when grinder is attached
Set vertical velocity of items dropped to match the look of the original mod
Can now specify whether the pigs would explode and the power of the explosion
Added Spout support
Initial release


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