Pickaxe of the Gods (POG)

Welcome to the POG (Pickaxe of the God) plugin page! 

The pickaxe has 20 levels, to climb them you just have to break blocks.
Approximately 100,000 XP to reach level 20.
To activate Big Hole, simply place it in the 9th inventory slot ! But you have to use a POG level 20 !

Feature :
- 20 levels (editable in config)

- 100,000 xp from level 1 to 20 (editable in config)
- Adding enchantments is impossible
- Adjust in the config as you want the power of the pickaxe for each level
- Big Hole I for POG level 18 : 3x3 (editable in config)
- Big Hole II for POG level 20 : 5x5 (editable in config)

Commands :
    /pog give
To give yourself a Pickaxe of the Gods
    /pog xp {number}
Add a set amount of xp to God's Pickaxe (only if in hand)
    /pog reload
To reload the config

Crafts (editable in config):

 Resource Pack :

Thank you for helping me improve the plugins, by leaving a comment, expressing your opinion, advice, or a bug.

Install and forget !


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