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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.2-R1.0


PhatLoots 3.1.4

  • Cleaned and commented all code
  • Found/fixed multiple errors

PhatLoots 3.1.3

  • Fixed McMMO conflict when killing mobs who have a health bar
  • Fixed costs not actually being charged for PhatLoots
  • Now money ranges may span from negative to positive (ex -10 to 100) Perhaps for a gambling situation? This must be done by editing the Loot Table YAML file.
  • Fixed adding Loot to non-existent Collections
  • Collections can be weighted and no longer need to add to 100%
  • Fixed looting non-professional villagers

PhatLoots 3.1.1

  • Fixed bug when closing PhatLoot info GUI
  • Added back button to PhatLoot info GUI
  • Cleaned up toString() and getInfoStack() methods of Loot classes
  • No longer saves empty files
  • Added tiers.yml
  • Added option to set collection ranges through commands
  • Fixed linking/protecting no chest types
  • Improved error messages for crashes resulting from corrupted Loot table yaml files
  • Fixed some PhatLoots being null
  • Added setting tiered and generated name through command

PhatLoots 3.1.0

  • Fixed security flaw present in 3.0.8
  • Converted to new Loot table format
  • Added a chest GUI for '/loot info'
  • Added support for decimal amounts in money ranges

PhatLoots 3.0.8

This is basically a temporary stable release. PhatLoots 3.1 will be coming soon with newly structured loot tables. Everything will be automatically converted so there is no harm using this version for now.

Below is a list of new features. I will not provide documentation for them until the next release but most can be found in the new config.

  • Most features can now be turned off in the config
  • Mob loot may be type specific (ex. wither skeleton, baby zombie, zombie villager)
  • Named mobs can now have their own loot tables
  • Fishing now has a loot table to randomize items/exp that may be fished
  • Any block may now be linked as a PhatLoot Chest
  • All of a specific Block may automatically be linked
  • Looting enchantment now effects mob Loots
  • PhatLoots may be set to autoloot
  • Proly many more that I have forgotten

PhatLoots 3.0

This is a beta version featuring the new save format. Your old files will not be deleted but everything in the plugins/PhatLoots/PhatLoots directory will no longer be used in PhatLoots 3.0+. The config file is in a YAML format as well and is slightly different than the previous config. Now you should use § rather than & for colors. § may be typed by holding ALT and pressing 2 then 1. § is also in the config already so that you may simply copy and paste. ! no longer requires a / in front of it. The new save format is more readable by humans but is picky to formatting. If you modify any of the LootTable files by hand please make a backup first. Chest data is now saved in a separate text file.

All the feature requests I promised in the next version are still coming. I just wanted to get this version out there since it will fix the issues that 90% of you are facing. If you are still experiencing any problem or your feature request is not added, please create a new ticket or bring an old ticket to my attention.

That being said, the main new feature is that Lore is automatically saved and there is no need to save an "Item Description" like before. If you use the loot add hand option then your item should look exactly the same when looted.

This is pretty much bug free, most of the feature that I wanted are now included. I will be occasionally doing small feature additions but overall there will be less updates for this plugin. This will allow me to actually catch up on the documentation which is very far behind.