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Version 4.1.0
(Thanks to Team Haven [] for the logo)

This plugin allows Players to receive loot (money/items/exp/etc...) from Chests/Mobs. This is much like the dungeon Chests in the vanilla game except admins can set which items may appear as loot. Use a plugin such as Lores with this plugin to create more interesting loot.

Supports nearly all Bukkit plugins:

  • Supports all major Economies (Requires Vault)
  • Supports all major Permission Plugins
  • MythicDrops support for easily balancing MythicDrops loot as well as generating Gems and Unidentified Items
  • Citizens Support to control loot for NPCs (Documentation here)
  • Votifier support to give a Player loot when they vote
  • MultiWorld support (Different loot per World)
  • Supports items made from any plugin that uses the Bukkit API (Plugins accessing NMS may cause conflicts)
  • Simple API for any other plugin (Have the Dev contact me if they need help using this or making their plugin compatible)

Fully Configurable:

  • Loot tables may be setup using a Chest GUI to reduce the amount of commands needed
  • Loots can include money, items, experience, running a command, or a combination of all of these
  • Chests can be a one time loot, hourly, daily, or reset after any amount of time down to the second
  • All messages seen by player's are customizable and may even be turned off
  • Any Block may act like a chest (EnderChest, FlowerPot, Crate (Piston), Bookshelf, CakeBlock, etc.)
  • Each chest can have it's own loot tables to provide more random loot
  • Chests may have various reset times so they aren't all refilled at once
  • Optionally display to Players, how much longer they must wait to retrieve more loot

Chest Loot:

  • Any Block may act like a chest (EnderChest, FlowerPot, Crate (Piston), Bookshelf, CakeBlock, etc.)
  • Dispenser support (punch or activate the dispenser and it will dispense your loot)
  • Ninjaing loot can be prevented by providing each Player with their own share of loot (global vs. individual)
  • Chests can be linked to multiple loot tables at once
  • PhatLoots may be set to autoloot for quicker looting
  • Chests may be set to break once they are looted and then respawn when they have reset

Mob Loot:

  • Mob Loot Page
  • Have full control over what items are dropped by mobs
  • Allow mobs to spawn with weapons, armor, and even potion effects
  • Allow mobs to drop money
  • Modify how much experience mobs drop
  • Modify how often mobs drop loot
  • Option to prevent mobs from dropping items unless they are killed by a Player
  • Mob Loot may replace or include the default Minecraft mob loot
  • Each type of mob may be linked to a different loot table
  • Baby Zombies, Zombie Villagers, and Normal Zombies may each have their own loot tables
  • Villagers may be linked to a loot table based on their Profession (e.g. Blacksmith, Priest, etc.)
  • Mob Loot may replace or include the default Minecraft mob loot
  • EpicBoss mob support (requires EpicBossLoot addon)
  • Citizens support, create loot tables for NPCs

Command Loot:

  • PhatLoots can be looted using the command '/loot <PhatLoot Name>'
  • A Player can be forced to loot a PhatLoot by using the command '/loot give <Player> <PhatLoot Name> [Title]'

Loot Bags:

  • Items can be linked to a PhatLoot
  • Loot bags can be right clicked while holding them to get the loot from inside of it
  • Loot bags are a one time use
  • Loot bags can even be added as loot themselves

Custom Loot:

  • Commands, money, and exp may be added as loot
  • Loot collections allow for more control over how many of what type of items are looted
  • Supports items with custom names and descriptions (Such as items modified with the plugin Lores)
  • Auto Enchant weapons and armors
  • Auto name items based on their enchantments
  • Calculate item tiers based on enchantments
  • Add automatic damage estimations to items (e.g. +1-4 holy damage)
  • Items may have a random amount or durability

To Do:

I am currently working on a youtube series to go in depth on how this plugin may be used. Do you use this plugin on your server in a unique or interesting way? Create a video telling how you use it (and how to set it up if you wish) and I will feature your video and server banner on this plugin page.

Permission Nodes:

Permissions Page


Commands Page


  • Addons are separate jars which may be installed to enhance this plugin
  • If you have an idea for an addon, please create a ticket
  1. SwapLoot - Randomizes which PhatLoot a chest is linked to
  2. MonsterNearby - Prevents Players from looting chests when a monster is nearby
  3. PlayerNearby - Prevents chests from respawning when a Player is nearby
  4. EpicBossLoot - Allows bosses from EpicBoss to drop epic loot
  5. RandomizedLore - Generate random numbers within the lore of your loot
  6. AntiCamp - Prevent Players from camping chests until they cooldown



  1. Make a PhatLoot
    1. /loot make test
  2. Link a chest
    1. /loot link test (you must be targeting the chest you wish to link)
  3. Add some loot values (target a linked Chest or add the PhatLoots name like so "/loot money test 1-25")
    1. /loot money 1-25 (looter will get a random amount of currency between 1 and 25)
    2. /loot add 322 %10 (looter has 10% chance of getting a golden apple)
  4. Add some loot collections
    1. /loot add coll Materials %100 #1-2
    2. /loot add dirt cMaterials #15-20 %50 (looter has 50% chance of getting two dirt)
    3. /loot add stone cMaterials #5 %30 (looter has 30% chance of getting two stone)
    4. /loot add wood cMaterials #1-10 %20 (looter has 20% chance of getting ten wood)
    5. Looter will only loot one or two (1-2) of the items in the collection
  5. Set a cooldown time
    1. /loot time 1 6 45 30 (looter can loot the chest again after waiting 1 day, 6 hours, 45 minutes, and 30 seconds.)



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