PhatLoots 3.0.0


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    Mar 20, 2013
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  • 1.5.1


PhatLoots 3.0

This is a beta version featuring the new save format. Your old files will not be deleted but everything in the plugins/PhatLoots/PhatLoots directory will no longer be used in PhatLoots 3.0+. The config file is in a YAML format as well and is slightly different than the previous config. Now you should use § rather than & for colors. § may be typed by holding ALT and pressing 2 then 1. § is also in the config already so that you may simply copy and paste. ! no longer requires a / in front of it. The new save format is more readable by humans but is picky to formatting. If you modify any of the LootTable files by hand please make a backup first. Chest data is now saved in a separate text file.

All the feature requests I promised in the next version are still coming. I just wanted to get this version out there since it will fix the issues that 90% of you are facing. If you are still experiencing any problem or your feature request is not added, please create a new ticket or bring an old ticket to my attention.

That being said, the main new feature is that Lore is automatically saved and there is no need to save an "Item Description" like before. If you use the loot add hand option then your item should look exactly the same when looted.