Pet Master


Whose pet is this? Manage pets and display information via holograms, action bar or chat messages! Simple, efficient and useful, Pet Master will make your server even more awesome!

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Main Features

  • Right-click on a pet (cat, dog, horse, llama or parrot) to discover its owner
  • Display an action bar message, a chat message or a temporary hologram above the pet
  • Give the ownership of your own pets to another player
  • Release your own pets back to the wild
  • Manage pets of other players with petmaster.admin permission
  • Option to display the pet's health status
  • Option to make players pay to change ownership or release pets
  • Option to change display duration of holograms
  • Option to display ownership information for a player's own pets
  • Option to prevent owned pets from being hurt by other players
  • Option to prevent owned pets from being leashed by other players
  • Option to prevent owned horses and donkeys from being ridden by other players
  • Optional dependence on Holographic Displays and Vault
  • Optional support for achievements in Advanced Achievements
  • Language file to modify all messages; 9 available translations
  • Very lightweight and efficient plugin
  • Compatible with any Minecraft version from 1.7.9 to 1.16
  • Fully open-source, frequent updates


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Main help command (/petm):


Right-click on a pet:

Right-click on dog

 Right-click on parrot


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