== Description ==

Self-explaining, isn't it? Each world has its own tablist, so players can't see players that are in other worlds. You can define groups of worlds so those worlds share a combined tablist.

Spanish video tutorial by maxmar628:

== Getting started ==

  1. Place the PerWorldTablist.jar file in your plugins directory.
  2. Reload/Restart/Start your server.
  3. Handle your permissions.
  4. Have fun!

== Commands and Permissions ==

Command Function Permission
/pwtl <reload> Reloads PerWorldTablist pwtl.reload
/pwtl <list/glist> Shows a list of all players that are in your world/on the server pwtl.list/pwtl.glist
  Players with this permission will see all players pwtl.exempt

Aliases for pwtl

  • /perworldtablist
  • /perworldtab
  • /pwt

== Configuration ==

The configuration is self-explaining.

== Compatibility ==

This plugin should break several vanish-plugins,
because it shows/hides you/other players when u change the world.
Compatible vanish-plugins:

== Support ==

Please message me if you have any issues.

== To-Do ==

Please post any other ideas you have in the comments below.

(Don't post stack traces into the comments. I will delete them!!)


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