Performance Monitor

Performance Monitor

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Performance Monitor will monitor your servers performance within all areas listed under the Features section right below. With a long and organized configuration file you can set-up this plugin to fit your very own needs and the plugin is even able to warn you when your sever is getting laggy and/or needs your attention!

Click here to see a video of Performance Monitor (ENG)- Thanks to HowComputersTalk!
Click here to see a video of Performance Monitor (Polish) - Thanks to TreektTV!


Time monitoring:

  • Server time (ex: Jul 17, 2012 12:18 PM).
  • Time passed since last server restart (*Warning!* /reload will reset the timer).

Memory monitoring:

  • Max memory available for the server.
  • Allocated memory for the server.
  • Free allocated memory.
  • Used allocated memory.

Disk monitoring:

  • Server.log size.
  • Free disk space (Useful for VPS users).

Backup monitoring:

  • When the last backup was created.
  • Amount of generated backups.

World monitoring:

  • Current world size (on disk).
  • Loaded chunks in the current world.
  • Living entities in the current world.
  • Entities in the current world.

Player monitoring:

  • Online players vs. max server slots.
  • Unique player logins since last restart.
  • Amount of players with creative mode.
  • Amount of players with survival mode.
  • Amount of players with adventure mode.
  • Total amount of operators.

Server monitoring:

  • Bukkit verion.
  • Server Ip and port.
  • Amount of plugins loaded.
  • TPS (Ticks Per Second).
  • Server status (Good, Low, Critical) depending on listed features.

Other Features:

  • Console usage support.
  • Stats upon login and commands for usage in game.
  • Enable or disable ANY feature - fully customizable!
  • Update notifications.
  • Change title, label and value colors in the config.


The only conflict reported was with the /ss (server state) command. The plugin ServerStats is using the same command. If you happen to run both plugins you can always use /serverstate instead.

To use the backup system you must use the plugin called 'Backup' and you can easily enable this feature in the config, it's disabled as default.

Download and installation:

Having issues installing this plugin? Please read the 'GUIDE.txt' file in the downloaded ZIP file before posting a comment for support.

If you wish to create a tutorial or showcase this plugin, feel free to do so, I would greatly appreciate it :D

Commands and Permissions

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Information (Usage Guide)

Click Here.


To help me keep track on plugin usage and which version is used the most I use the Metrics tracking plugin within Performance Monitor. For more information about this you can visit this page.

Plugin Metrics

Support and requests:

Do you need my support to install this plugin? Please visit my forum here on bukkit. Posting requests or anything related to this plugin would also be just fine.

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