Article - How to start

How to start

Step 1 - Downlaod

Go back the front page and click on the "Download" on the right-up corner, or click the "Files" tab on the top and select the version you want to download. There you can check the changelog too.

Step 2 - Install

Put the jar file into you 'plugins' folder. Now if you start or reload your server it will be loaded and it will run.

Step 3 - Set up

Open up the 'Penalty' folder in your 'plugins' folder. If it does not exist create it. Make a 'penalties.yml' file. The easiest way to do that is to open notepad, write something and select 'Save As...' then select the file type to 'All files (*.*)' and write the name 'penalties.yml' to the file. Save. Now you have your penalties.yml file. Check this page to learn how to fill it. Here is an example too.

Steip 4 - Use

In the game use the following commands:

/penalty - the main menu command
/penalties - to list the penalties
/penalty help - for getting help
/punish <player> <penalty> - to punish lawbreakers


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