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What is Pandemic?

Pandemic is a plugin which enables servers to create, harvest, and spread diseases amongst players. Using the plugin, a server admin can create a plague with multiple potion effects such as Nausea, Weakness, Slowness, Poison, Blindness, and more. Once the plague is complete, the admin can then infect a player with the virus. That player can then spread the virus to other players by moving around, effectively spreading the germ further. Eventually your whole server will become infected! Of course, diseases can be cured and even destroyed completely. If a plague is destroyed, all it's victims will recover shortly. Pandemic is surely a plugin for every server mastermind!

How to use Pandemic

To use Pandemic, you must first create a plague. Use /pan create to do so. You'll have to also provide some effects your plague will have. /pan create plague nausea blindness will create a new plague named plague. This new plague will cause nausea and blindness effects to infected players. To unleash your plague, use /pan infect (plague) (player). The specified player then contracts your plague and gets the effects. If that player were to get close to another player, that second player will contract your plague as well. Players can also become infected by eating food. There is a 5% chance that a player will get sick by eating. This process will repeat until every player online has the virus. Of course, players can fight against you - they can cure themselves by drinking a Bucket of Milk. At one point you can either watch them suffer, or give them mercy and destroy the plague. To destroy it, use /pan destroy (plague). A destroyed plague erases itself from the server. All infected players will become healthy and the plague cannot be caught again unless you re-create it.

Pandemic is an extremely fun plugin which is perfect for small servers looking for some RP or just plain awesomeness. If you'd like to give your server some extra substance, this is the plugin for you! Install Pandemic today!

Commands and Permissions

/pan create - pandemic.create
Create a plague! Supported potion effects are: Nausea, weakness, slowness, poison, blindness, jump, speed, wither, hunger.

/pan destroy - pandemic.destroy
Destroy a plague - never to be seen again and all it's victims will be cured.

/pan cure - pandemic.cure
Cure individual players from a plague

/pan list - pandemic.list
See plagues at your disposal

/pan infect - pandemic.infect
Infect a player with an existing plague

Players with this node cannot contract any disease

Source Code

You can view the source code on github by using the link below. If you can find a way to make the plugin run better, be sure to give a Pull Request! Source code: Source


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