neoPaintingSwitch - switching paintings the easy way:

This plugin uses the same basic idea as located here and here.

This plugin was originally created by Edward Hand (credit to him!) then abandoned and updated by MadMonkeyCo (thanks for keeping it alive) but abandoned again. Because I use it, a lot, I needed it working. So, I have rewritten it to use the bukkit api instead of hooking directly into the net.minecraft server. Meaning it shouldn't break after every new minecraft version.

How it works:

  1. Place a painting on the wall.
  2. Right click the painting and then using the mouse scoll wheel to scroll through the paintings.
  3. When you find the painting you like simply right click again or walk away from the painting. The plugin will disengage and the painting you have selected will remain.

There you have it, in a nutshell, it simplifies the selecting of paintings and saves alot of time. The plugin is also smart enough to know which paintings are the correct size for the space available. No commands to remember, simply click and scroll. Simple as that.


  • Allows you to scroll through paintings by aiming and right clicking at them and using the mouse wheel to scroll through paintings.
  • Permissions support ("neopaintingswitch.use"). -Groupmanager, bukkit permissions, niji based permissions, bPermissions, Vault, PermissionsEx and any other permissions that works with bukkit.
  • config to turn off permissions checks entirely
  • Support for worldguard regions
  • Remembers last painting used and will attempt to use the same painting for future placements.


  • neopaintingswitch.use


  • free4All
    • false : enables permissions checks and allows anyone to switch paintings
    • true : disables permissions checks and allows anyone to switch paintings
  • debug
    • true: enables permission debug traps

If you are still not convinced this is the plugin for you, check out the review made by ServerMiner.

Donate with Paypal if you like this plugin and want to support me. Its much appreciated. :-)

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