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OtherBounds creates a circular "soft" border. When a player walks across the border they will start to lose health until they cross back.


  • Circular, square (coming soon) or WorldGuard region based boundaries
  • "Realistic" boundaries - players are not blocked but discouraged by:
    • Warning messages
    • Custom damage
    • (latest dev build) Potion effects
    • (latest dev build) Sounds (any of 150 via the Bukkit API)
    • (latest dev build) Any command (as player or OP override)
    • (latest dev build) Lightning, explosions and more (note: currently this overrides normal damage, explosions are "coming soon")
  • Multiworld support
  • Exceptions by player-name or permission
  • Detects players regardless of how they leave the area (vehicles, tp, etc)
  • Multiple boundaries support (experimental, let me know how this goes)

Planned Features

  • inverted boundaries (damage done inside a boundary)
  • conditions similar to OtherDrops (eg. boundary only hurts during the night, etc)
  • damagerate - easier way to specify damage vs time



Just put the jar file in your plugins folder - it will create an example config on the first run (with a border radius of 200 but no damage).

Example config


verbosity: normal          # controls how many debug messages are sent to console (low, normal, high, highest)
ticks: 40                  # "OB cycle" - how often we check (& damage) players outside the boundary
safeinsideboundary: false  # if you have concentric boundaries set to false, if you have non-concentric set to true


    radius: 200
    centre-x: 0
    centre-z: 0
    world: ALL
    damage: 1  # 1 half-heart per OB cycle
    except: [Xyzzy]  # optional list of player names, eg. [plugh, xarqn, fred]
    exceptpermissions: [mainBoundary1Override]  # give players otherbounds.custom.mainBoundary1Override (note, cannot include _ characters)
    messagedanger: "Warning - radiation detected."
    messagesafe:   "You have returned to safer lands."

    radius: 400
    centre-x: 0
    centre-z: 0
    world: ALL
    damage: 4 # 4 half-hearts per OB cycle
    except: [Xyzzy]  # optional list of player names, eg. [plugh, xarqn, fred]
    exceptpermissions: [mainBoundary2Override]  # give players otherbounds.custom.mainBoundary2Override (note, cannot include _ characters)
    messagedanger: "Warning - high radiation level detected, turn back."
    messagesafe:   "The radiation is lower here but still dangerous."


/ob reload - reloads the config file (requires otherbounds.admin.reloadconfig permission) /ob (on|off) - turns OtherBounds on or off until next restart/reload (requires otherbounds.admin.enabledisable permission)

Setting a region type

  • If there's a "region" parameter it will set that boundary to a WorldGuard region
  • If there's a "radius" parameter it will set that boundary to a circular one
  • Otherwise the default is a rectangular boundary defined by "length" and "width" parameters (*not yet supported)


  • you probably want to put delay rate down to around 5 ticks (that's the minimum at the moment) - I left it at 40 for testing (checks the boundary every 2 seconds)


0.1 Release, fixed config file not writing on first startup. 0.1-beta First release

Dev Builds

Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.


The plugin is inspired by croxis' BoundaryKill.

Many long nights are spent improving my plugins so if you like it please consider a donation to my coffee fund :) Donate

OtherBounds uses Metrics for anonymous usage stats (learn more). From 0.1 only (0.1-beta1 does not include metrics).


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