Original Double Jump

What is Original Double Jump? This is the all in one double jump plugin, Per World Options, Permissions, Particle Effects, Sound Effects and more! Original Double Jump was made to be simple to use, yet highly customizable! If your looking for a bug less, feature accepting plugin, you came to the right place!


Why Is Original Double Jump Different?

We are different because we are up to date, always active and updating features. There are little double jump plugins out there that supports multiple worlds let alone actually works.. There is also literally none that are up to date, let alone with particle and sound effects. So I decided to tackle the challenge. We are also HIGHLY configurable.


  • Customizable Speed, Height, and Distance.
  • Customizable Particle Effects.
  • Customizable Sound Effects.
  • Customizable World Configurations.
  • WorldGuard Support.
  • Supports Creative Mode.
  • Auto Updater. Know When Updates Are Ready!
  • Customizable Fall Damage. " Enabled/Disabled/Semi Enabled/Semi Disabled, Etc. "
  • Toggle on/off CheckforUpdates.


To Be Added

  • Double Jump limiter. (With Per world capabilities.) - Requested by ELSaitam
  • Please Pm me with feature requests! I will always look them over and get back to you.

Support Us :D

Need some help? Feel free to PM me.
Donations are appreciated, it's the best way to say thanks to a developer, and it keeps the plugin alive.



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