OreGenUltimate is an adaptation of OreGen with an improved method and more configuration options. The main improvement in this OreGenUltimate is a fully configurable pseudo-random chance calculation. This means you are not restricted to a n in 100 chance of something happening. You can configure to which ever chance you like.


For example:

Chance = 1000

Coal Chance = 50

Therefore, Coal has a 50 in 1000 chance of spawning.

This added configuration option allows for much finer tuning of chances to spawn.


This plugin is perfect for SkyBlock servers, where players do not have any "Mineable" terrain. It allows you create a great way for players to gain an income (apart from selling wood or cobblestone). Maybe you want to add some easy to your survival server by allowing players to create cobblestone generators to mine from.

Example Config:

Chance: 800 # This is our initial Chance value, meaning our Ore Chances will be based off this.
Chances: # The Ore Chances should equal less than the overall Chance
  Coal: 300 # in 800 chance of Coal
     #This means a 500 in 800 Chance of Cobblestone
  Iron: 225 # in 800 chance of Iron
  Gold: 150 # in 800 Chance of Gold
  Redstone: 100 # in 800 Chance of Redstone
  Lapis: 50 # in 800 Chance of Lapis
  Emerald: 25 # in 800 Chance of Emerald
  Diamond: 10 # in 800 Chance of Diamond

Worlds: #World(s) this plugin is active in
- world
- world_nether
- world_the_end

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