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What's it about?

OpEveryone will check if players are not opped when they log in. If they aren't, they'll be opped automatically. In case you are afraid of ops the commands /deop, /op and /stop will be blocked from players (so they need to be executed from the console).

Some may ask: WHY!? Well, this isn't meant for survival servers. Some owners just have a small private server but they don't want to have to op new invited people every time. If you're just hosting for some friends, this might be useful.

Enjoy! :)

How exactly does it work?

Every time a player logs in, it is checked whether that player has op status. If not, he/she is given op. Bam!

In version 1.3+, The /deop, /op and /stop commands are disabled for players. They have to be executed via the console. I did this to prevent players continuously de-opping each other so they have to relog. Also you don't want anyone shutting down your server ;)

When do I need this plugin?

As I stated above, this plugin is NOT intended for public survival servers. Just use this whenever you want everyone to have Minecraft op capabilities, like when you have a private creative server where anyone can invite a new member.

What do the players see?

They will see nothing when they are automatically opped or de-opped. They won't get a spammy message 'You are now op!'. I intend to create an 'always op' feeling. ;)

However, a player will get a message if he/she has been manually opped or de-opped.


Installing is just too easy. Just drag OpEveryone.jar into your plugins folder!


  • Make a config file for which vanilla commands to disable
  • Create permissions for vanilla commands even if they are disabled ('override')
  • Allow for server owners to choose if they want to enable to the 'always op' function
  • Include in the config file a setting that determines how much is outputted to the console

If you've got any other suggestions, feel free to give them, either via comment or ticket, or even forum! ;)


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