This plugin gives you full control of what ops/admin/moderators can and cannot do. It notices when a user runs a command, then it checks if that user have access to run this command and if they dont have permission it will cancel it and give them a warning. This plugin also overrides all permissions plugins and even op. It intergrates with some other plugins such as GreifProtection and Groupmanager. This is not a replacement for any anticheat plugin or permissions plugin. It does require Java 6 or higher to run. It works on Linux, Mac and Windows.


What can OpenTexonMod do ?

  • Advanced ban, Adds url to appeal etc when ban
  • Advanced kick and mute, runs it as console so you can mute and kick staff/op
  • Manages banned commands
  • Blocks any plugin views like /pl /plugins /? etc
  • Blocks advertisements
  • Blocks swearwords
  • Blocks spam
  • Manages CAPS
  • Manages warnings
  • Advanced logging
  • Commands spy
  • Advanced mute, blocks all /msg /tell etc when muted (Requires Essentials)
  • Blocks certain blocks from being placed
  • Prevents any kind of op book hack
  • Demotes player on ban
  • Automatic kick/ban when spamming/advertising
  • Can run commands for all offline players and online players like /nick off
  • Lockdown, locks the server only to staff
  • Custom /help and /apply
  • Can get uuid of player with /uuid username
  • Manages Motd
  • Custom Motd
  • Custom unknown command
  • Fully customizable messages
  • Automatic updates
  • integrates with Groupmanager, Essentials, WorldEdit and WorldGuard
  • Advanced region protect
  • Anti bots, Limit the number of ip connections from one ip
  • Anti imposter, Limit specific users to only login from one ip
  • Block commands inside regions
  • Custom join/leave messages
  • Blocks /? [TAB], /help [TAB], / [TAB] (Requires ProtocolLib)
  • Anti nuker, Blocks any nuker from hacked clients
  • Advanced mute and unmute commands
  • Welcome message
  • Blocks /minecraft: and /bukkit:


OpenTexonMod is now open source. Grab the source Here.


  • 50 ✔
  • 500 ✔
  • 1000 ✔
  • 5000 ✖
  • 10 000+ ✖

Plugin tutorial


OpenTexonMod has an API, heres how to use it OpenTexonModApi

Help i cannot do any commands

First visit this page:, type in your username then copy the full uuid. Go into config.yml of OpenTexonMod. Replace 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 in the groups with the UUID you got from the site.


OpenTexonMod has logs you can look in, It logs player commands, player chat, player join and player leave. It also logs statistics like how many users have joined that day.


The configuration section can be found here Configuration

Dependencies (Optional)

GroupManager and Essentials is required for some functions to work but is optional.

Dependencies (Required)



On the Motd section in the config the following variables can be used:

  • %player%
  • %newline%
  • %version%

On the maxPlayers value in the motd section in the config set maxPlayers: to -1 for the standard value thats in or set it to any value to override the default maxplayers in the You can also set it to +1, wich will set the max to the players plus one more, so if its 10 players on the max players will be 11.


Here are the groups people can be added to: Note, These groups are not case sensitive as of version 0.6.9!

  • caps - Ability to use CAPS in the chat
  • ops - People who are op
  • Warn - Can use the /warn command
  • Staff - Gets messages from OpenTexonMod
  • Bypass - Full bypass
  • banMuteTempBanUnbanPardon - Can use /ban /tempban /mute etc
  • canSwear - Allowed to swear
  • canBuildProtected - Can build in protected regions.


  • /delstaff [player] [group] - removes a player from a group, works in console
  • /unmute [player] - Unmutes a muted player
  • /mute [player] [time] [reason] - Mutes a player
  • /addstaff [player] [group] - adds a player to a group, works in console
  • /warn [player] [reason] - Warns a player
  • /uuid [player] - Gets the UUID of a player
  • /lockdown [reason] - Locks the server, only bypassed people can join on lockdown
  • /whois [player] - Info about a player, works for offline players too
  • /seen [player] - Info about a player, works for offline players too
  • /tps - Shows ticks per second
  • /welcome [player] - Shows a welcome message for a specific player

Note, This plugin reloads the config auto when any command is peformed!


Leave a comment or pm me if you want a feature or you've found a bug

Plugin metrics

This plugin uses plugin metrics, it can be disabled in the config.

Plugin Metrics Page Link

Help my staff cannot do any commands

To op someone do /addstaff username ops and then /op username To give them bypass permissions do /addstaff username Bypass

Automatic updates

This plugin uses a auto updater to update the plugin, it can be disabled in the config. Set Updater.CheckForUpdates to false to disbled update check, set Updater.AutoUpdating to false to disable auto updating if it found a new update.


Donations help me alot and keeps me going, so please hit that donate button, any donation helps me small or big.


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