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Open MineZ

OpenMZ is a open-source recreation of the famous ShotBow gamemode MineZ. (check it out at; great community, great players, great map). With OpenMZ you can turn your server into a Minecraft - DayZ hybrid. In its current state, it adds all the features of Shotbow's MineZ plus much more.

OpenMZ provides the majority of plugin capabilities to create a full clone of MineZ (except the map, of course). However, it also comes with a multitude of customization settings to make it your own.

Download Beta 6 (when its approved) here

A semi-complete, though not extensive, feature list is as follows:

Loot Chests

Chests can be configured, loaded, saved, placed, and destroyed all from inside the game. Specify different chest templates, all with their own item probabilities, durability probabilities, loot amounts, and zombie spawn settings.


Zombies are faster, stronger, and smarter in OMZ. It takes the MineZ typical zombie AI and improves upon it. Zombie hordes will tell their brethren about a potential target, and move faster than usual without the choppy MineZ zombie movement.

Player Zombies

Instead of dropping their loot, players succumb to the Zombie disease. Their corpse must be killed again to get their loot.

Max Item Stacks

Configure the max amount of each item can be in a stack all from one file.

Custom Items

OpenMZ provides an easily-extendable custom item interface that allows you to create your own legendary items (developers only)


Every time a player takes damage, there is a small (configurable) chance that they will start bleeding, which is only cured by use of a bandage. Every time they bleed to take a configurable amount of damage.


Players lose thirst over time (represented by their XP level). They must drink from a water bottle in order to regain thirst to the max amount.


Zombies have a low chance to give a player their disease. This disease requires drinking an antidote and deals damage over time.


All of OMZ is designed to be configurable and extendable. A custom item system is planned to allow other developers to create complex new items. Even the messages sent to the players can be configured. Simply type */omz config* to get an interactive, clickable menu.


If you use this plugin, PM me the server IP! I'd love to see it and might even add it to the plugin front page.


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