The plugin is still active, sorry if it looks like it has been inactive recently. I'll recompile when there is more to do than suppress a warning.


OpChecker is a plugin that uses permissions to check if people should be allowed to have op. It checks every 30 seconds and on login, quit, command usage, etc.

In addition to overriding the commands for /op and /deop, you can have a op whitelist (in the config), and it will check if you have permission for creative mode.

There is no override for this as the way to op them is with the permission node given to them. Remember though, you must have a permission plugin!

Help out with OpChecker!

Want to help out with OpChecker. Check out my BitBucket page here: https://bitbucket.org/jcbukkitplugins/opchecker

You can submit a pull request. Also, tickets should be opened there. Thanks! :D

Commands and Permissions


/op <player> - Ops a player, they need to have the permission to be opped

/deop <player> - Deops a player

/opcheck <player> - Checks if a player is opped

/opchecker reload - Reloads the OpChecker Config


opchecker.canbeop - Allows this person to be opped

opchecker.othergm - Allows this person to have a game mode other than the one configured.

opchecker.op - Allows the person to op others (does not give permission to be opped!)

opchecker.deop - Allows the person to deop others (does not give permission to be opped!)

opchecker.opcheck - Allows the person to check if others are opped.

opchecker.adminnotify - These people are notified when someone is opped/deopped, and when someone that doesn't have permission to be opped/not in survival is changed back.

opchecker.opchecker - Allows use of the /opchecker command. For /opchecker reload, you must have both opchecker.opchecker and opchecker.opchecker reload.

opchecker.opchecker.reload - Allows reloading of the config


Q: Help! It keeps de-opping me!

A: Do you have a permission plugin? Do you have the opchecker.canbeop permission node (and opchecker.othergm for other game modes)? Also, older versions may (and probably) be a bit buggy, so please update to the latest version because that will hopefully fix your problem.

Q: Why is the plugin not loading?

A: Java 7 is required to use this plugin. If you don't have it, you won't be able to use the plugin. Plus, Java 7 fixes all of the bugs Java 6 had, as far as security and other stuff.

Q: I have the opchecker.othergm permission, and it is still switching me to survival mode! What is wrong?

A: You need to update the plugin to release 6 (number may be off).

Q: I get an error from OpChecker when I do /reload, and then the server shuts down!

A: The server shutting down on disable is a configuration option designed so players using a malicious plugin cannot disable and bypass OpChecker. You can turn it off in the configuration.


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