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This plugin (One Vs One, 1v1) allows you to duel other players, you can invite them in the arena by clicking them with the invite tool or by using commands. The plugin also comes with a player-restore system, so it is perfect for survival/faction servers!



  • Everything in this plugin is configurable with in-game commands!
  • Built-in player-restore system!
  • Easy to use invite system, with a (configurable) invite tool!
  • Data will not get removed if the server reloads/restarts!
  • If a duel starts the duelers can't see other players, so they can't block your sight or anything!
  • IMPORTANT: You can turn the restore function on and off, note that you have to do this in the config, it's restore = true

Commands & Permissions

ovo.* gives all the permissions!

/ovo enter/joinTo enter the arenaovo.use
/ovo leave/quitTo leave the arenaovo.use
/ovo invite [player]Invites the specified playerovo.use
/ovo accept [player]Accepts the inviteovo.use
/ovo config [key] [args]To configure the pluginovo.configure.[key]
/ovo config disabledcommands add/remove/listTo configure the disabled commandsovo.configure.disabledcommands


Coming very soon!

Special thanks...

Special thanks to Runelink2 for making the awesome header, the video and giving me ideas for the plugin!


If you want to support me you can donate by clicking the button on top of the search bar!


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