As you know, offline players cannot be edited in vanilla minecraft without using utility programs, but using the OfflineManager plugin, you can use the list of functions to edit the player you need! The plugin also provides API for developers, with which you can add your own functions.


  • Has API
  • PlaceholderAPI support
  • Permissions support
  • Offline player management
  • Search for offline players using TAB
  • Customizable


To install the plugin, transfer the plugin to the plugins folder and restart or reload the server. If you update plugin to 3.0 version, recommended remove config.yml and messages.yml files.

Commands & Permissions

Command Description Permission
/offlinemanager OfflineManager main command offlinemanager.use
/om help Get plugin help page offlinemanager.use
/om invsee [player] Open player's offline inventory offlinemanager.invsee
/om invsee [player] armor Open player's offline armor inventory offlinemanager.invsee.armor
/om enderchest [player] Open player's offline ender chest offlinemanager.enderchest
/om reload [player] Reload the plugin configuration offlinemanager.reload
/om teleport [player] Teleport to offline player offlinemanager.teleport
/om tphere [player] Teleport an offline player to you offlinemanager.tphere
/om adventure [player] Set the adventure mode to the offline player offlinemanager.adventure
/om creative [player] Set the creative mode to the offline player offlinemanager.creative
/om survival [player] Set the survival mode to the offline player offlinemanager.survival
/om spectator [player] Set the spectator mode to the offline player offlinemanager.spectator
/om clear [player] Clear the offline player inventory offlinemanager.clear
/om kill [player] Kill the offline player offlinemanager.kill
/om heal [player] Heal the offline player offlinemanager.heal
/om feed [player] Feed the offline player offlinemanager.feed



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