ObuShutTheHellUp is a plugin that suppresses the [WARNING] Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded? log message, preventing it from flooding your console/log and hiding important stuff.

If you have an issue with this plugin, please open a ticket. Click on the Tickets tab above, then Post a Ticket.

You are able to filter any other log message you want by configuring the plugin in filters.yml. List of example filters

I am not the author of this plugin. The original author stopped maintaining it around #860 and released the source code saying "DO WHATEVER YOU FEEL LIKE WITH IT". Many people say it still works on the latest builds and Eclipse shows no errors in the syntax, so here it is. I'm not claiming this as my own in any way. I can't guarantee any support on it. I'll rebuild this with new RBs as they come out; that's it.

Known to be incompatible with SimpleSave. There's a fix in the config.yml. See the original forum post for details.


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