Obsidian Breaker

Damaged obsidian

What is this?

This is a plugin that allows players to destroy obsidian, ender chests, enchanting tables or custom blocks with TNT and creepers among other things after a set amount of explosions. Really useful for faction servers.
It will also display cracks on the block depending on the remaining health of the block (optional).

How to use it?

You're ready to roll, just drop this in your plugin folder. You may however consider changing the default configuration.

How to configure it then?


obsidianbreaker.testAllow user to test the durability of a block using the specified tool
obsidianbreaker.reloadAllow user to reload the config using /ob reload


BlastRadiusHow large the blast radius should be. (Only applies to this plugin)
LiquidMultiplierHow many times harder it should be to damage the block if there's water there.
DurabilityCheckerSpecify which item should be used to check the damage on the block. Stick (280) is default.
VoidProtectorMakes sure that blocks on y=0 don't explode, leaving holes into the void.
BedrockBlockingDefines if blocks handled by this plugin shouldn't take damage if they're behind bedrock.
DisabledWorldsList worlds that aren't affected by this plugin.
DropsDropChance: How big chance (in percent) is there that a broken block will give drops. Default in Minecraft was 30 %.
DontDrop: List of blocks that shouldn't be dropped by the plugin (such as bedrock)
BlocksSpecify which items this plugin applies to and the required amount of hits
(item id): (required hits)
RegenFrequency: How often blocks should regenerate in minutes. Set to -1 if you want to disable.
Amount: How many hits the block should regenerate
BlockCracksEnable: Set whether block cracks are enabled or not.
Interval: How often the server should refresh the client (no more than 15 seconds is recommended!)
ExplosionSourcesSpecify how much damage a specific explosion source should make to blocks handled by this plugin
(entity name): (damage)

Anything else

If there's anything wrong, anything missing or another thing that didn't make you satisfied, please consider opening a ticket or leave a comment here below.

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