NoobProtector created special for hardcore PVP-enabled servers. It provides a time-limited PVP-protection for new players. When new player joins a server he obtains a protection against PVP-attacks and can learn the server's world, rules, etc. When time limit is overdue player lose his protection and can attack (and can be attacked) by other players.


  • Protect player when he joins sever first time
  • Only PVP-protection. This plugin did not provide a god-mode.
  • Enable protection for any player using commands
  • Additional commands for player to disable PVP
  • Two kind of time limits - play time (online) and real time

Why do I want it?

  • You need to instal NoobProtector if you need to:
  • Stop newbies from leaving server until they learn more about it
  • Give a more chances for new players to survive in your harcore server
  • Grant player a protections again PVP-attack, but not a god-mode

How to use it?

  • Install, start server
  • Configure plugin (edit the config.yml), restart server
  • Try to kill a player that joins your server for first time


  • /pvp-on — remove protection (only protected player must use this command). Player must type this command twice to remove protection.
  • /noob help [command] — show help pages
  • /noob protect [player] — protect player; if player is not defined will protect you
  • /noob unprotect [player] — unprotect player; if player is not defined will unprotect you
  • /noob list — show protected player list
  • /noob reload — reload configuration. Don't forget some settings (like scheduler time) requires a server restarting
  • /noob cfg — show current configuration


  • noob-protector.pvp-on — allow to use /pvp-on command
  • noob-protector.config — allows to use /noob help, /noob cfg, /noob list and /noob reload commands
  • noob-protector.protect — allows to use /noob protect command
  • noob-protector.unprotect — allows to use /noob unprotect command

Plugin configuration

To configure the plugin you need to edit config.yml file. Here is default config.

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