Welcome to NoNameNPC!

NoNameNPC is a simple plugin that allows you to create NPCs in Citizens and hide their nameplates.

Why should I use this plugin?

Works on ANY NPC regardless of type. (Yes, including players.)

• NO OTHER plugins on Bukkit fix this. (At least that I'm aware of.)

• It is lightweight and doesn't cause problems with other plugins.

• Only hides the nameplates of NPCs you choose.

• Commands work in-game as well as in the console.

What's the difference?

Without the NoNameNPC plugin:

Trying to hide the name this way is a very unprofessional solution, you can still see the gray box.

With the NoNameNPC plugin:

The gray box is gone completely.

Great! How do I get started?

It's easy to use NoNameNPC. Here's how:

1. Make sure the NPC you want to hide the nameplate from is selected:

/npc select <NPC>

2. Run this command:


3. You should see something like this. Take note of the ID:

4. Run this command to add the NPC to the list of NoNameNPCs:

/nnpc add <ID>

That's it! You just hid the nameplate on your first NPC!

Tested Minecraft Versions

This plugin is designed for Minecraft 1.8.X whereas the Citizens command below doesn't work properly:

/npc name

For other versions, the command above should toggle nameplate visibility.


nonamenpc.* - All NoNameNPC commands. - Help for NoNameNPC.

nonamenpc.add - Add a no name NPC.

nonamenpc.remove - Remove a no name NPC.

nonamenpc.list - Lists every no name NPC.



Comments Policy

Please leave comments relating to this plugin only. (Bugs, suggestions, general comments, etc.) I reserve the right to remove any comments that are unrelated, spam, or otherwise obtrusive to this plugin.


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