Plugin No Longer Being Updated

I am no longer updating or maintaining this plugin, so there will be no more new features or bug fixes. Please do not send me requests for any more new features, bug fixes, or any other type of additional content. This plugin will remain available as is and you may continue to use it at your own risk.

Welcome to NoNameNPC!

NoNameNPC is a simple plugin that allows you to create NPCs in Citizens and hide their nameplates.

Why should I use this plugin?

Works on ANY NPC regardless of type. (Yes, including players.)

• NO OTHER plugins on Bukkit fix this. (At least that I'm aware of.)

• It is lightweight and doesn't cause problems with other plugins.

• Only hides the nameplates of NPCs you choose.

• Commands work in-game as well as in the console.

What's the difference?

Without the NoNameNPC plugin:

Trying to hide the name this way is a very unprofessional solution, you can still see the gray box.

With the NoNameNPC plugin:

The gray box is gone completely.

Great! How do I get started?

It's easy to use NoNameNPC. Here's how:

1. Make sure the NPC you want to hide the nameplate from is selected:

/npc select <NPC>

2. Run this command:


3. You should see something like this. Take note of the ID:

4. Run this command to add the NPC to the list of NoNameNPCs:

/nnpc add <ID>

That's it! You just hid the nameplate on your first NPC!

Tested Minecraft Versions

This plugin works strictly with Minecraft 1.8 servers only, but you may use any Minecraft 1.8.X version of the game while playing. This plugin has only been tested working with Citizens 2.0.14, so this version is recommended to be used.

For other versions, the command below should toggle nameplate visibility:

/npc name


nonamenpc.* - All NoNameNPC commands. - Help for NoNameNPC.

nonamenpc.add - Add a no name NPC.

nonamenpc.remove - Remove a no name NPC.

nonamenpc.list - Lists every no name NPC.



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