NoMelt v1.0.0

Hey there! This plugin will globally stop all melting of ice and snow (including snow blocks) from light sources (lava, glowstone, torch etc...) as well as stop ice from freezing in water. This will make ice drop blocks of ice too. To install, drop the NoMelt.jar into your bukkit plugins folder and restart/reload the server. If "[NoMelt] Enabled" comes up in the console, you're good to go! Originally this plugin was developed by Vynlar back on the Bukkit forums. I am a good friend of his, and decided to pick it back up and fix it so it works with the latest CraftBukkit, as well as begin adding new features.


  • Stops snow/ice from melting
  • Stops ice from freezing
  • Stops snow from gathering on the ground
  • Option to make ice not spawn water when broken
  • Makes ice drop ice blocks

In the configuration file, which can be found in your plugins folder under "NoMelt/config.yml", there are options in a list. Setting one to true means it will be active, false means it will be inactive.

Configuration Options:

  • icedrop: When true, ice will drop when an ice block is broken. (Default: True)
  • noMelting: When true, no ice or snow will melt from light sources such as torches or glowstone. (Default: True)
  • noFreeze: When true, no water will freeze and no snow will collect in your world. (Default: True)
  • iceWater: When false, no water will spawn when ice is broken. (Default: False)


  • Add no-melt building mode, where nothing that you build with the mode on will melt, but everything else will
  • Cuboid melting protection


Idea from this thread

Thanks to Bone008 and xsolar66 for feature ideas.

Thanks to Avous for requesting and coming up with the idea.

Thanks to Vynlar for letting me pick this project back up!


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