No Friendly Fire

No Friendly Fire

This Plugin allows you to create teams based on permissions that you assign to your players, team mates aren't able to damage one another. It can even prevent you from hurting yourself!


  • Check the config and add your own teams
  • Create a group in your permissions plugin for every team
  • Then add the permission for the team, use "nofriendlyfire.teamname"
  • Now you can just add all the users you want to the teams (the groups you created for the teams)
  • All the players in the same group won't be able to damage one another


  • Can block melee, arrow, snowball, potion damage and damage to yourself. Can also only selectively block what you choose.
  • Can display a message to the player attacking his teammate and to the teammate that got attacked
  • All the teams can have custom colors to be displayed in the name above a players head requires TagAPI
  • This plugin is meant to be rather simplistic, in that regard I decided to require the use of a permissionsplugin instead of writing my own team system.


nff reload
reloads the config


gives access to /nff reload
every teams permission is made of "nofriendlyfire." and the name of the team from the config. Example: Attackers - nofriendlyfire.attackers

Source Code

I love OpenSource, here you go.


Color Reference
To be able to set the color above a player's head you will download this optional plugin called TagAPI. It allows for inter plugin compatibility and prevents complications before they arise.


I love donations - make my day :) - the link is in the top right corner.


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