This plugin does require Java 7!

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Are your moderators irresponsible? Donor ranks that involve creative mode but don't want creative users ruining your economy and going on mass killing sprees? Well, if you answered to yes to any of these, this is for you! What does it do? It gives you, the admin, control of what your users can do while in creative! Prevent PvP, Item sharing, and more!


  • Prevents all PvP in creative mode
  • Permission node for override - OP default
  • Chat message sent to player trying to disallowed action!
  • Easy Config
  • Prevents chest opening in creative mode!
  • Command blacklist! Define certain commands users can't use in creative! (/sell disabled by default)
  • Prevent item dropping in creative
  • Prevent item pick-uping in creative
  • Specify what blocks users can place in creative
  • Specify what users can break in creative
  • Prevent users from hurting mobs
  • Creative and Survival mode Inventories are separate!!!!
  • Economy! Requires Vault! Configurable amount of $$$$ needed to enter creative! (v1.5.3)
  • Blocks mob spawning eggs! (Also blocks them in survival mode, v1.5.3)


  • restrictcreative.bypass.* - Bypass all checks
  • restrictcreative.bypass.pvp - Allows a user to PvP in creative mode!
  • restrictcreative.bypass.drop - Allows a user to drop items in creative!
  • restrictcreative.bypass.placeblacklist - Bypass the block place blacklist! - Is now placeblacklist for anyone updating from 1.4.2 to 1.4.x!
  • restrictcreative.bypass.breakblacklist - Bypass the block place blacklist!
  • restrictcreative.bypass.chests - Allows a user to open chests in creative!
  • restrictcreative.reload - Allows access to /rc reload, reloads the server
  • restrictcreative.bypass.commands - Bypass command blacklist
  • restrictcreative.bypass.mobs - Bypass mob damage check!
  • restrictcreative.bypass.paygm - Don't have to pay $$$ to enter creative!
  • restrictcreative.bypass.spawnegg - Use spawneggs!


  • /rc reload - Reloads the plugin!
  • /rc help - Info on plugin


Mostly true/false, Block Place blacklist uses block ID's ONLY! (Tekkit blocks should also work) If you mess up, delete the file and it should generate a new one! For the command blacklist, do NOT add the "/" in front, unless it's a WE command which has 2 /'s. Add 1 / for a WE command.

Planned Features for next release

  • Prevent bucket use
  • Prevent EXP Bottle use
  • Prevent use of signs (buy)
  • Prevent potion drinking
  • Economy - Costs money to switch gamemodes(DONE V1.5.3)
  • Prevent spawneggs(DONE V1.5.3)
  • Suggestions?

Known bugs

  • Can still hurt mobs with bow/arrow when hurting is disabled
  • Armor is not separated Creative/Survival
  • Please report bugs!


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