NoCompassDrop or NCD

NoCompassDrop or NCD is a plugin that will deny players to dropping or moving a compass around in there inventory.

when they try to drop it, it will pop back in there inventory and if they try to move it around in their inventory it will also pop back to the slot it was in. Just give the player a compass and he will have it on him at all time. You can also set what slot in the hotbar you want the compass to be. if you have set the CompassOnLOgin to true it will give the player a compass i that selected slot and same for the /gcompass command.


If you want to give a player a compass

/gcompass <PlayerName>


permission.givecompass - this allow a player to give other players a compass using the /gcompass comand, Op have this permission on defult


  • In the config you can set the CompassOnSpawn to ture or false. If you set it as true it will give all players a compass when thay log in if thay don't allready have one. If you set it as false it will not do anythin As defult its true
  • If you want the compass to be in a selected slot at all time you can set the hotbar slot you want in the config . Just set a nr. from 0-8 (depends on what slot you want it to be) in the config where it say HotbarSlot: Defult is set to 0 (thats hotbar slot nr.1)

Working on

  • Adding config to change items
  • Adding a config where you can select what hotbar slot you want the compass to be on at all time.
  • The compass will go to the selected slot when you type /gcompass <player>
  • The compass will go to the selected stot when a player logs on and the CompassOnLogin if set as true.

If you have any sugestions to what i should add or finde and bugs just tell me :)

If you like my work, please consider donating :)



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