No Smoking!

No Smoking v0.0.7

Warning! Development of this plugin is suspended. New features (and effects) will not be added to this plugin. But I will update this plugin for new craftbukkit version. Anyway, if you using NoSmoking! plugin I recommending to you check my new plugin PlayEffect. This plugin contains a 45 effects type and created as replacement of the NoSmoking!

What is it?

No smoking allows you to spawn some smoke at your Minecraft worlds. It was created to steam-punk style server to simulate steams and smokes. But after releasing second version the name of the "No Smoking!" acquires a new meaning: now it's an acronym of "Not Only Smoking!" because now plugin is able to produce 8 types of different effects in addition to smoke. You can see demonstration of plugin abilities on this video.

Additional videos


  • Nine different types of effects, including sound.
  • The ability to place effects in any place, including and within a block (except entity-based effects)
  • Grouping effects (determined by the same id). You can hide/show or remove group with single command.
  • Show and hide group of effects with a lever.
  • Some effects have more options and settings. For smoke - it's the wind, for effect of breaking potion - a type of potion, sound effects and songs - type of sfx and playable disk, respectively, for lightning - weather, daytime and chance.
  • Permissions are now supported, but you can disable it.
  • In order to optimize you can adjust frequency effects playback, and the range of effect availability - if a player is moved far away from effect it will not play.
  • The distance from which you can see (hear) the effects determined by minecraft. For effects - 16 block, for sounds about 70.

Why do I want it?

Hmm... "No smoking!" were created for fun. So if you want to see something new around you in Minecraft, you will get some fun.

How to use it?

You just need to choose effect, set options and specify with a coal piece where it should play.

Video tutorial:

Effects type

Effects type



Switching effects with redstone

Redstone power con switch on/off or toggle any effect switcher if you place above it sign with a special text. In the second line you must write "[ns-switch]" or "[ns-toggle]", in the third - the identifier of the effects you want to hide/show when pulling the lever. You can place sign far from effects, and if you need can bulid control room - sign text is colored, and effect name will turn to green when effect is enabled. And if you need you can combine include NS-signs to any redstone circuit.



How Do I Install It?

Just copy it in your Plugins folder.

Upgrading from versions 0.0.2, 0.0.3, 0.0.4

Just install new version.

Upgrading from version 0.0.1

Just install new No Smoking.jar. However, make sure that file smokepoints.cfg is located in the folder "No Smoking" (if it located in "NoSmoking" (without space) just copy it in new folder).

Metrics and update checker

NoSmoking! includes two features that use your server internet connection. First one is Metrics, using to collect information about the plugin (versions of plugin, of Java.. etc.) and second is update checker, checks new releases of NoSmoking! after plugin startup and every half hour. This feature is using API provided by If you don't like this features you can easy disable it. To disable update checker you need to set parameter "version-check" to "false" in config.yml. Obtain more information about Metrics and learn how to switch it off, you can read here.

Like this plugin?

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