No Pvp Log

No Pvp Log

A lightweight solution to players PvP logging during combat! This plugin does work with the newest version of minecraft 1.7.2!

  • 1k downloads 9/20/13! Thanks guys.
  • 2.5k downloads 11/11/13! WOO!


Do you have players who PvP log constantly by teleporting away or logging out to avoid PVP? Well look no further! No Pvp Log prevents most common ways of players getting away from combat! (Look under features for how this is achieved.)No Pvp Log is my first plugin on this account. I'll be publishing all of my work here now.

How it works:

When a player hits another player. Both players are in a state called "Combat". For a configurable amount of seconds, they are in the state. Where they cannot use any form of command. (Will be configurable in next version.) And if they log out then they will be punished! On the players log out while in combat, these could happen(defined in config).

  • Ban
  • Announce the players name and they have PvP logged!
  • Kill, and their items will drop.

Commands and Permissions

  • None yet


The configuration was intended to be simple. No useless things to configure! open

  • Time_In_Combat = Amount of time players are in combat. (In seconds)
  • Kill_On_Pvp_Log = boolean - Kill a player when they PvpLog (Drops there items.)
  • Ban_On_Pvp_Log = boolean - Ban the player when they PvpLog.
  • Announce_On_PvP_Log = boolean - Announce the person who PvpLogged.
  • Disable_Commands_In_PVP: true - Disable Commands while in combat.


  • Add more options for punishment. (Configurable. Example: Loss of money, Tempban, Factions power loss.)
  • Add configuration for allowing /disallowing commands during combat.
  • Add configuration for disabling enderpearls while in combat.

Bugs / Requesting a new feature

Please always post bugs! Create a ticket or post in the comments section. I personally don't care. When requesting a new feature I may or may not implement it. But I will always look at the idea.



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