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This plugin displays the titles from your websites RSS feed to your players when they login as a message of the day.

New Alpha available - Testing ONLY


  • You can choose the feed, how often the feed updates (every 30 minutes by default), and how many items (5 by default) are displayed to your players in it's config.yml
  • Your players can look at the MOTD at any time by using the /news command.
  • Server administrators can force the feed to be updated at any time as of version 1.0.3.

Possible Future Additions

  • New command to force the RSS feed to update (added in 1.0.3)
  • Permissions (not sure why you would want that, but why not). (added in 1.0.2)

Change Log

  • V 1.0.3: Added the ability for the console or a player (with the permission node news.update) to force the RSS feed to update. Seem to have fixed the problems with java 6 compatibility
  • V 1.0.2: Added an info and infoOnJoin property to the config.yml which allows you to have a more info type dialogue before the news is displayed (which can be toggled on and off for the onJoin with the infoOnJoin property). I also adjusted the way that the message is sent to the players.
  • V 1.0.1: The prefix in the chat can be changed through the config.yml prefix property
  • V 1.0.0: Initial release, what you see is what you get.


  • /news - This displays the items from the RSS feed that were downloaded by the last update (this does not force an update).
  • /news update - Allows the server console or anyone with the permission node news.update to force the RSS feed to update.

Permission Nodes

  • news.ignore - Makes it so that a player does not have the MOTD appear upon joining the server.
  • news.update - Allows the player to force an update of the RSS feed (defaulted to op)


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