NeoPerformance is a performance management utility. Tools such as cluster detection (find large groups of entities), as well as sorting chunks by entities allows server administrators to find, fix and prevent lag sources. Additionally, it is able to prevent lag machines, as well as prevent fatal server crashes.


  • This plugin isn't designed as an 'anti-lag plugin'—there's no magic solution for that. NeoPerformance empowers administrators by providing tools such as server halting and entity locating to optimize server performance. However, it's crucial to note that if your server uses suboptimal hardware, NeoPerformance's impact may be limited. Hardware limitations are beyond the plugin's control.


  • Prevent server lag by preventing many forms of lag machines and optimizing standard gameplay.
  • Shows recommendations for server configuration and automatically applies recommendation within game.
  • Prevent server crashes by halting the server at set TPS.
  • SmartClear - Remove large clusters of entities, this is better than the standard entity removal method that most lag prevention plugins use.
  • Chunks - This shows the top chunks that have the most entities.
  • SmartNotify - Notifies admins when there are too many entities that are causing lag.
  • Send emails when the server is lagging.
  • Highly customizable (Check YML file at the bottom of the page)
  • Automatically finds the source of lag and performs a server cleanup.


  • Spark - If you have spark installed on your server, NeoPerformance will hook into it and add extra metrics. Download it here
  • DiscordSRV - If DiscordSRV is installed and configured, NeoPerformance will notify your channel if the server is halted. Download it here


  • /Neoperformance or /np (neoperformance.admin) - Shows server status for admins
  • /np help ( - Shows all the commands their use
  • /np halt (neoperformance.halt) - Manually halt the server
  • /np chunks <world> (neoperformance.chunks) - Show the chunks with the most entities. Type /np chunks to show the top 10 for all worlds and /np chunks <world> for the top ten of the specified world.
  • /np reload (neoperformance.reload) - Reload the plugins config file
  • /np bypass <player> (neoperformance.bypass or use - Bypass server halt
  • /np smartclear <flags> <neoperformance.smartclear> Destroy entity clusters
  • For SmartNotify, an integrated notify system with chunks and clusters, either have op or neoperformance.smartnotify
  • /np config (neoperformance.config) - Open the in-game config editor
  • /np report ( - Generate a report of your severs overall performance.
  • /np insight (neoperformance.insight) - Show recommendations for server configuration, and automatically apply the recommendation to enhance server performance.
  • /np insight fix (neoperformance.insight.fix) [category] [elementName] - Apply recommendation for specified
  • /np insight fix all (neoperformance.insight) - Apply recommendation for all.
  • /np insight sources (neoperformance.insight.sources) - Show sources used to determine recommended values


  • Prevents too many explosions
  • Prevents too many mob spawns
  • Prevents lag machines, such as too many minecarts.

If the plugin fails to prevent lag, the server will enable halt mode and stop the following activities until the server was reached a stable tps:

  • Teleportation
  • Players moving too fast (speed hacks, etc)
  • Entity explosions
  • Redstone (Redstone activity is cached and then restored once the server reaches a stable tps, meaning redstone contraptions won't break)
  • Chunk loading
  • Entity spawn events (and items from being dropped)
  • Command blocks executing commands
  • Block being broken (because items can't be dropped)
  • Projectiles
  • Entity targetting
  • Block physics
  • Players from joining (extreme lag can be caused by too many players, the plugin stops players from joining until the server is at a playable state). Again, all of these are optional, this one is off by default.


Find here<b><br /> CONTACT ME:<br /> <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><br /> or on the discord server: <a class="externalLink" href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer"></a> (Fixed)<br /> </b><br /> <br /> This plugin was primarily designed for my server:


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