Ever wanted to add/remove NBT tags in your server at the use of a command?
Well now you can. NBT tags are things in Minecraft you just can't get with
commands w/o this plugin.

NBT tags include:
- Colored leather armor
- Player heads
- Custom potions, including ones not in vanilla(Jump boost, Mining fatigue, etc) and over-limit ones
- Custom display name for items
- Enchantments, including over-limit ones and ones not in vanilla
- Enchanted books, including over-limit ones and ones not in vanilla
- Fireworks
- Much more!

- /nbttagger add skull [SkullName] - set the skin of the steve skull in your hand
- /nbttagger add color [Red] [Green] [Blue] - set the color of the leather armor in your hand
- /nbttagger add name [DisplayName] - set the display name of the object in your hand
- /nbttagger add potion [PotionEffect] [Duration(Ticks)] [Level] [Splash(True|False)] - add an effect to the potion in your hand
- /nbttagger add enchantment [Enchantment] [Level] - add an enchantment to the object in your hand
- /nbttagger add bookenchantment [Enchantment] [Level] - add an enchantment to the enchanted book in your hand
- /nbttagger add firework [Flicker(True|False)] [Trail(True|False)] (Color ->)[Red] [Green] [Blue] (FadeColor ->)[Red] [Green] [Blue] [Type(Creeper|Star|Burst|Big_Ball|Ball)] - add a firework effect to the firework/firework ball in your hand
- /nbttagger add booktitle [BookTitle] - set the title of the written book in your hand
- /nbttagger add bookauthor [BookAuthor] - set the author of the written book in your hand
- /nbttagger save [ID] - save the item in your hand to the config of NBTTagger
- /nbttagger give [Player] [ID] - give an item saved by your in the config of NBTTagger

Color codes are available!

Here is a website with a RGB color selector: http://www.colorschemer.com/online.html

1 second = 20 ticks!
^Normal ticks. 1 second = 10 redstone ticks.

Known Bugs:
- /nbttagger add firework does not work
- /nbttagger give does not work
- /nbttagger save saves to null

- nbttagger.tag: allows the user to add NBT tags

To-Do List:
- Add fireworks to the plugin
- Add saving feature to save a specific NBTTagged item to a config and be able to give it out later
- Add /nbttagger remove feature
- Suggest in the comments on more To-Do stuff!

Screenshots: Typing the command to add a PotionEffect:
And here is after:
Enchanted sword w/ over-enchants and changed name:
And finally, some dyed leather armor:

NOTE: This is a WIP project, so there will be constant updates.


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