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Navigating to waypoints, specific coordinates or tracking players with a compass.

Has several methods to start navigation - via command, a GUI (by right-clicking a compass) or by clicking on coordinates in chat.


Navigation is currently in beta. These features are present in the latest version of the plugin:

  • ✔️ Commands
  • ✔️ Tracking players
  • ✔️ Click-to-navigate coordinates in chat
  • ✔️ Per-waypoint permissions (1.1.0b)
  • ✔️ Navigation information in action bar (1.1.0b)
  • ❌ Item GUI

The following features are lower-priority and will be introduced later (until 2.0):

  • ❌ Developer API
  • ❌ Localization
  • ❌ Intersections for navigating via path
  • ❌ Showing path via map
  • ❌ Map/path auto-generation
  • ❌ Dynmap integration


Check the wiki.

Contribution & support

Need help? Submit a comment below or join our Discord server for even faster response and updates. If you've found something doesn't work as it's supposed to, please submit an issue on our GitHub page.

Want to contribute to the project instead? Go ahead and start making those pull requests on Navigation's GitHub or, alternatively, donate via PayPal. Any scale of pull request or donation will be greatly appreciated.


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