MyTrip | Amazing Ingame wonder potions

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MyTrip lets you dive into the fascinating world of magic potions. And all this in Minecraft, perfectly designed for a RolePlay server.

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- create unlimited magic consumables with unlimited effects
- a magic consumable crafting table with custom design
- built in permission manager
- potion, blood and particle effects make every magic trip unique
- your players can become addicted
- antitoxin offers the right cure for the darker sides of the magic consumables world
- players can get disadvantages from overdoses, and even die from the consequences
Everything is free of charge!

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  1. Download the latest version of CrucialAPI
  2. Download the latest version of MyTrip
  3. Put both files into your plugins folder
  4. Reload/ restart the server

- /mt | lists all commands
- /mt recover | removes the addiction of a player
- /mt give | gives a consumable with specified quality to the player
- /mt list| lists all existing
- mt create | opens creation gui
- /mt addictions add | adds an addiction to a player
- /mt addictions clear | clears all addictions of a player
- /mt addictions list | lists all addictions of a player

You can read about permissions in our wiki. But this is not needed! You can turn off permissions in the config.yml.


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Terms of Use:

  • You may not forward the plugin!
  • You may not sell the plugin again!
  • You may not decompile or edit the plugin.
  • You may not "crack" the plugin!
  • In case of non-compliance follow legal steps!
  • Each download/passing on, thus also user-relevant data, are stored
  • by downloading, you are accepting the terms of use.

To make me work faster you can donate here.


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