MythicMobs v1.0.0


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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2
  • CB 1.7.2-R0.3
  • CB 1.6.4-R2.0


v1.0.0 Release

These changes are all the changes made since v0.12.0. For a full breakdown of changes, view the full changelog:


  • More performance optimizations!
  • Updated to support Bukkit 1.7.10
  • Added Debugging Mode, activated using /mm debugmode true. Currently debug mode disables random spawning, mob spawners, and a few other "random" things that would make high-level debugging otherwise impossible due to console spam.
  • Added TestEffect and TestSkill utility commands that allow you to run effect strings and skill strings from within the game with you as the "mob" and your target block as the default target. (example: /mm u testeffect target lightning would run the lightning effect on your target)


  • Added RemoveSelf skill
  • The ActivateSpawner skill can now accept a spawner group to activate in the format g:groupname


Added new effect targets:

  • Location: effect targets a specific location in the world

- effect location:[x],[y],[z] (effect)

  • Spawner: effect targets a spawner

- effect spawner:[spawner_name] (effect)

This can also target spawner groups using the format spawner:g:[group_name]


Most spawner commands can now accept wildcards in the spawner name:

  • Wildcards can be ? for a single-character wildcard, * for any number of wildcard characters.
  • i.e. Running the command /mm s set T* leashrange 32 will set the leash range to 32 on all spawners starting with T
  • i.e. Running the command /mm s set ?at leashrange 32 will set it on spawners named Cat, Rat, Fat, but not one named Matt
  • if you run a spawner command with * as the name it will be run on ALL spawners.


  • Disguises will now obey any display-related options that are configured for the mob.
  • It does not include any options that include mob power or functionality (except horse armor)
  • This includes the Horse, Ocelot, Sheep, and Villager disguises
  • Player disguise can now specify skin and player name independently using the syntax Disguise: player:playername:skinname. This requires LibsDisguises build 314 or greater.
  • Added slime:[size] and magmacube:[size] disguises
  • Added Enderman:<held_item_name> disguise
  • Added Skeleton disguise
  • Added ZombieVillager disguise
  • Added BabyZombieVillager disguise


  • Added getMobLevel(), getNumberOfPlayerKills() methods to MythicMobDeathEvent

New Mob Options

  • PreventMobKillDrops: (true/false) - Prevents mobs killed by that MythicMob from dropping loot
  • Added HorseCarryingChest option for horses

Bug Fixes/Other

  • Fixed error with Target distance conditions caused by players teleporting to another world
  • Fixed bug where spawners with radius set to 0 would not spawn mob on top of the spawner as intended
  • Fixed a number of possible holes that could have potentially lead to mobs losing their disguises
  • Updated CachedMobs file to save mob's level for better consistency between server restarts when using mob levels
  • Fixed an error caused by having question marks in mob names
  • Fixed the Wither Skeleton disguise
  • Fixed spawn radius not being set correctly and throwing errors upon new spawner creation
  • Fixed a crippling bug with spawners that had a radius of 0.
  • Fixed a bug with spawn radius logic.
  • Fixed the following spawner commands to be usable from the console or command blocks: activate, info, and set.
  • Fixed a bug where mobs were throwing the death event and granting players XP after being removed by the /mm m kill and /mm m killall commands
  • Fixed a bug where mobs were still registered as active for a short time after dying
  • Fixed a bug where passive mobs were not being unregistered from spawners when removed by commands
  • Fixed dropped_item disguise, usage i.e. Disguise: item:diamond
  • Fixed several bugs preventing mobs from sometimes not despawning after a server restart when Despawn was set to true
  • Fixed a bug with compatibility mode causing multiple mounts to spawn
  • More performance optimizations
  • Added error checking for a couple systems
  • Better compatibility with various Forge modpacks and modded Bukkit servers
  • Fixed a bug with timer skills occasionally throwing a ConcurrentModificationException in the console
  • Fixed a bug with RandomSpawns rarely throwing a NullPointerException in the console
  • Fixed RemoveMobs skill to unregister mobs from plugin before removing them
  • Fixed a rare bug with the MovementSpeed mob option
  • Fixed spawners to spawn mobs in the center of the target block
  • Fixed spawners so that they will measure a mob's height and choose an appropriate spawn location rather than spawning mobs in areas too short for them to survive
  • Fixed a bug where negative Damage Modifiers were not healing the mob as intended
  • Fixed Damage ability to correctly register from the using mob
  • Fixed health ranges in skills not working when smaller health amount is put first
  • Fixed spawners spawning mobs underground in some scenarios
  • Fixed player disguises to allow color codes in the names
  • Fixed a bug where damage skills that ignore armor could "multi-kill" players that had already just died, causing them to drop their items when a plugin such as DeathControl should have prevented it.
  • ShootPotion now uses ticks instead of seconds, in order to be more consistent with other similar skills
  • Fixed a bug with the ActivateSpawner skill not working with spawner groups
  • Fixed a bug with the new SafeSpawnLocation algorithm