MythicMobs v0.11.0-ALPHA


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    May 9, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.7.4
  • 1.7.2
  • 1.6.4


Alpha Release v0.11.0

New Features

Skill Conditions

  • Conditions can now be specified for meta-skills. Skills with conditions will only be used if the conditions are all true. Skills can use all the same conditions as spawners and random spawning (although ones that don't necessarily make sense for skills will not work so well).
  • Conditions are specified in the Conditions tag in meta-skills like so:
  Cooldown: 8
  - targetwithin 25
  - msg 50:'$boss; &4Diiiie!' >0 0.2

Mob Levels

  • Added Mob Levels. Mobs can now be spawned with a level, and will scale based on configurable settings using the LevelModifiers options. Drops will also be scalable using the DropsPerLevel tag, and I may also add a way to have certain drops only drop if the mob is above a certain level.

Spawners can spawn mobs of different levels by setting the spawners' moblevel attribute. Mobs can also be spawned with commands by appending :level to their name, such as /mm mob spawn SkeletalKnight:5

Random Spawning also supports mob levels using the Level option.

  Mobtype: witherskeleton
  Display: '&2Skeletal Knight'
  Health: 40
  Damage: 8
  - GOLD_NUGGET 2 0.5
  - GOLD_NUGGET 1 0.5
    Health: 5
    Damage: 0.5
  • Important Note: The LevelModifiers.Health attribute is REQUIRED to use mob scaling. All other modifiers are optional.

Special Characters

The Message skill, SetName skill, and display names now support more special charcters:

  • : makes a colon :
  • ' makes an apostrophe '
  • ‐ makes a dash -

and some other random HTML characters to find...

New Mob Types

  • pigzombievillager
  • babypigzombievillager
  • angrypigzombievillager
  • angrybabypigzombievillager

New Skills

  • GCD Sets the mob's Global Cooldown variable for # ticks, usable with the offgcd skill condition.

- gcd [ticks]

  • SetName Changes the mob's display name. Can use all the same variables as the message skill.

- setname '$mobname ($level) $mobhp/$mobmaxhp'

  • SetStance Sets the mob's stance variable, usable with the stance skill condition.

- setstance [string]

  • Rally Causes all nearby entities of the specified types to attack the mob's target. Types can also be the name of a MythicMob.

- rally [horizontal_radius]:[vertical_radius] <mobtype1>,<mobtype2>

New Conditions

  • biome [biome1],<biome2>,<biome3>, ...
  • offgcd whether or not the mob's global cooldown variable is up, which can be triggered with the gcd skill
  • height [number_range]
  • heightabove [integer]
  • heightbelow [integer]
  • level [number_range]
  • onblock [material_type] must use material name as defined in Bukkit
  • stance [string] variable usable with the setstance skill, default stance is default
  • targetinlineofsight
  • targetnotinlineofsight
  • targetwithin [integer]
  • targetnotwithin [integer]
  • world [world1],<world2>,<world3>, ...
  • worldtime [number_range]

[number_range] can be numbers such as =10, >10, <15 or a range such as 1-20


New Effect Position

  • playersinradius:# - Causes the effect on all players within # blocks

New Effects

  • particleline - Creates a line of particles between the boss and the target location with the given parameters. Won't really do anything if the target location is set to boss, since the boss targeting himself doesn't make much of a line.

- effect target particleline particleName:horizontalSpread:verticalSpread:amount:<speed>:<y-offset>:<particleSpacing> =HP <chance>

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where abilities would trigger sooner than intended
  • Fixed an issue on 1.7.9 where zombies would sometimes spawn as baby zombies

Mob Levels and Skill Conditions need a lot of testing, please provide feedback!