MythicMobs v0.10.0


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    Mar 27, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.2-R0.3
  • CB 1.6.4-R2.0


Beta Release v0.10.0

Note: This release fixes some bugs with item attributes and changes the way they are applied to a way that makes more sense. This may impact your server, if you are worried do some testing first! For example, setting MovementSpeed to 0.1 will now add +10% Movement Speed rather than adding +0.1 Movement Speed, which is kind of arbitrary.

New Features

  • Added support for 1.7.5
  • Added support for 1.6.4
  • Added Skill Triggers. You can now specify an event trigger in a skill using the syntax eventname before or in place of the health modifier. Some triggers ignore the health modifier when it makes sense (mainly as onSpawn, onDeath) and a health modifier is not required for these. If you do not specify an event, skills will continue to work as they did before, meaning they will fire onSpawn, onDeath, onAttack and onDamaged like they do currently. Current triggers include:
    • onSpawn - called when the mob spawns
    • onDeath - called when the mob dies
    • onAttack - called when the mob deals damage
    • onDamaged - called when the mob takes damage
    • onExplode - called when the mob explodes (creepers only)
    • onTeleport - called when the mob teleports (endermen only)
    • onTimer:# - called every # ticks (does not work in meta-skills)

So for example, the following creeper would hit everything nearby with lightning only when exploding:

  Mobtype: poweredcreeper
  Display: '&2Lightning Creeper'
  Health: 40
  Damage: 8
    PreventSuicide: true
  - lightningall 6:5 ~onExplode >0 1
  - lightningall 10:1 ~onTimer:40 >0 1
  • Added SpawnMethod attribute to RandomSpawns. Can be add or replace. Defaults to add. Add works exactly how random spawning works now, by adding new spawns to the world. "replace" gives mobs spawning a chance to replace other mobs.'
  • Added SkillAPI Support. You can now use skillapi-exp [amount] as a drop if you have SkillAPI installed.
  • Added MythicDrops Support. You can now use mythicdrop <tier> as a drop if you have MythicDrops installed.

New Mob Options

  • added PreventSuicide option (default false) - Prevents a creeper mob from dying upon exploding.

New Spawning Conditions

  • dawn
  • day
  • dusk
  • night

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed some bugs with Item attributes
  • Certain item attributes now apply as a percent modifier rather than as a static value, where it makes sense
  • Implemented additional checks to prevent mobs from losing their drops and skills
  • Possibly fixed passive mobs not despawning when Despawn is set to true
  • Creepers' explosion yield is now based on their Damage value if one is defined
  • Fixed a bug where certain types of mobs wouldn't spawn using random spawning
  • Fixed mobs being able to be spawned via command blocks
  • Hopefully fixed a bug where more random spawns were spawning than intended (unable to verify myself)
  • Fixed a bug where decimals were not being taken into account in cooldowns
  • Fixed a bug where skill cooldowns less than 1 were not registering at all
  • Fixed a bug where certain items in drop tables would multiply every time a mob was killed
  • Various other bug fixes

Item attributes do not always apply correctly to items on 1.6.4