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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.2-R0.2
  • CB 1.7.2-R0.1


Beta Release v0.6.5

This has not been tested thoroughly. All feedback is appreciated. As this is a beta build I will not be providing full documentation for it yet as I have not yet completed it or decided absolutely how I might do things. This build is intended for people who want to help me test things and make suggestions.


  • Added MythicMobDeathEvent() for people looking to hook for compatibility.
  • More API stuff to come in the future, pushed this out with bug fixes since it was done.

New Features

  • You can now use exp # under Drops to add exp to a mob without using a drop table.

Bug Fixes

  • Hopefully fixed a bug with MythicMob items not playing nicely with other plugins, even if you don't add any attributes under "Options" on items.
  • Adding attributes to items may still cause them to behave oddly. This is because Bukkit has no API for that stuff yet.
  • Fixed some errors with loot drops.
  • Fixed a bug with mobs not dropping the configured amount of exp
  • Fixed some bugs with effects not always firing properly
  • Fixed a bug where spawners would break when using multiple worlds, if a world was reloaded.
  • Various other bug fixes

Known Issues

  • Amount ranges in Drop Tables do not function as intended
  • Spawners may sometimes spawn an extra mob sometimes after a world has been unloaded and reloaded.

Beta Release v0.6.0

New Features

  • Mythic Mob Eggs (access using /mm eggs or /mm e)
  • Utility Commands (access using /mm utilities or /mm u)

Only utility command right now lets you easily find the coordinates of the block you're looking at, for use with the pushbutton skill.

New Skills

  • PushButton Pushes a button at the specified coordinates, to activate redstone

- pushbutton x:y:z

New Spawner Attributes

  • LeashRange - Sets a leash range for mob spawners. Mobs that go further than the leash range from the spawner will be teleported back to the spawner.

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Mobs will now use more skills against other mobs, such as wolves
  • Fixed more mob-dupe issues with mob spawners and unloaded chunks.
  • Switched to a better caching format. You may want to delete and regenerate your SavedData/CachedMobs.yml
  • Skill cooldowns and delays should line up smoother and more predictably now.\
  • Various other bug fixes and optimizations

Beta Release v0.5.3

Bug Fixes

  • Items can now be referenced in most cases by name to prepare for a future where item IDs do not exist
  • Fixed a bug where Item Data values were not working (fixes issues with player heads)
  • Fixed a few issues that could cause mob spawners to break when the chunk unloads.
  • Fixed mobs not using abilities when attacking with bows
  • Fixed some other bugs associated with spawners and unloaded chunks
  • Maybe fixed an issue with slimes splitting when they shouldn't? (needs more testing)

Beta Release v0.5.0

Major Features

  • Mythic Mob Spawners (access using /mm spawners or /mm s)

Mythic Mob Spawners allow you to create "spawners" that will spawn mobs at a location based on certain conditions. They can work similar to normal spawners or can be set up just to spawn a boss at a certain with a long cooldown. They can spawn things using timers, or if you shut the timer off, just through commands or by other Mythic Mobs using the new spawner skill.

Typing /mm spawners (or /mm s) will bring up all the commands for spawners. After creating a spawner, you can set attributes for it using /mm s set [spawner_name] [attribute] [value]. Just typing /mm s set will bring up a list of attributes and what they do.

I will be posting a tutorial for spawners VERY soon, but for server admins that are savvy, you should be able to figure out spawners using just the in-game commands and the information they give you.

New Skills

  • Spawner Activates a Mythic Mob Spawner

- spawner [name] =HP <chance>

New Mob Setting

  • Added Despawn setting for all mobs.

Bug Fixes

  • Added lots of catches for commands to prevent bugs
  • Several fixes to prevent certain mob types (such as Iron Golems) that don't despawn from losing their Mythic Mobs skills
  • Various bug fixes

Beta Release v0.4.0

Delete example files to get updated ones with this update!

Major Features

Example configurations are included demonstrating how these work. Documentation will come in the future.

  • Damage Modifiers - Allows you to modify how much damage a mob will take from certain sources. Will multiply damage from the set source by the number you specify.
  • Item Commands (/mm items)

The following sheep would take no damage from fire, and 20% damage from lava:

  Mobtype: sheep
    - LAVA 0.2
    - FIRE 0
    - FIRE_TICK 0

Uses the built-in damage causes. These can be found here:


You can now spawn mobs at a specific x,y,z location using the mobs spawn command:

  • /mythicmobs mobs spawn [amount] [world],[x],[y],[z]

New Options

Added lots of new options for mobs. See included examples...

  • PreventOtherDrops - True/False. Defaults to False. Stops items from dropping that aren't configured to drop in Mythic Mobs
  • PreventLeashing - True/False. Defaults to True. Prevents Mythic Mobs from having a leash put on them.
  • PreventRenaming - True/False. Defaults to True. Prevents Mythic Mobs from having their name changed by a name tag.
  • RepeatAllSkills - True/False. Defaults to False. Setting to True will make mobs repeat skills when using a skill with =HEALTH, if the mob heals back above that health amount .
  • PreventSlimeSplit - True/False. Defaults to False. Prevents Mythic Mob Slimes and MagmaCubes from splitting on death.
  • PreventTeleporting - True/False. Defaults to False. Prevents Mythic Mobs from teleporting. Mainly meant for Endermen.

Will add a complete list of mob options soon with the documentation.

New Skills

5 new special skills. Adding "all" to the end of these skills will make them also hit other nearby mobs, in addition to players. Otherwise they work exactly the same.

  • damageall
  • igniteall
  • pullall
  • throwall
  • lightningall

New Effects

  • particles - Creates a particle effect at the target location with the given parameters.

- effect boss particles particleName:horizontalSpread:verticalSpread:amount:<speed>:<y-offset> =HP <chance>

A list of available particles can be found here until documentation is done (use the "coding name" for this):

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when trying to spawn a mob without a display name set
  • Fixed a bug with item display names
  • Fixed a bug with item "amount" not defaulting to 1
  • Fixed Slime's health not being set properly
  • Corrected an incorrect item example...
  • Various other bug fixes

Beta Release v0.3.0

Major Features

Example configurations are included demonstrating how these work. Documentation will come in the future.

  • Custom Items
  • Mob Equipment
  • Mob Drops
  • Drop Tables

Note about Equipment: While the items function similar to EpicBoss Gold Edition for the most part, in MythicMobs you are not required to use drop tables for equipment. You can simply put the name of an item defined in your items folder under "Equipment" using the format ItemName:slot. You can still use drop tables if you wish, though, and if a drop table and an item have the same name, it will use the drop table. In the next few builds I will try to allow you to just put basic items in the mob config without having to make a custom item at all. .

New Skills

Skills in most cases function identically to the skills used in EpicBoss Gold Edition. Documentation of these can be found here:

  • Ignite sets players in radius on fire for so many ticks. if radius = 0, only hits the attacking player

- ignite radius:ticks

  • Equip makes the boss equip an item defined in your items folder

- equip itemname:slot

  • Explosion creates explosions on players in radius on fire for so many ticks. if radius = 0, only hits the attacking player

- explosion radius:power:<fire(true/balse)>:<destroyblocks(true/false)>

  • Weather Changes the weather, can be rain, thunder or sunny

- weather type:duration

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a last-second bug with Random Spawning conditions

Converting from EBGE

To make your EBGE Items and Loots configs work with MythicMobs, you just have to change the following things:

  • Rename Tags to Options
  • Rename Loots to Drops
  • Rename Lores to Lore
  • Rename Enchants to Enchantments

Beta Release v0.2.0

Major Features

  • Random Spawning system
  • Random Spawning Conditions (only one added so far is the "outside" condition, included in an example file)

New Skills

Skills in most cases function identically to the skills used in EpicBoss Gold Edition. Documentation of these can be found here:

  • ForcePull
  • ForcePullNear
  • NewTarget
  • Potion
  • PotionBoss
  • PotionMobs
  • Pull
  • RandomSkill
  • ShootFireball
  • ShootPotion
  • Projectile
  • ShootSkull

New Effects

  • endersignal

- effect boss endersignal =HP <chance>

  • firework

- effect boss firework <type>:<colors>:<fadecolors>:<flicker>:<trail>:<flightduration> =HP <chance>

  • flames

- effect boss flames =HP <chance>

  • lightning

- effect boss lightning =HP <chance>

  • smoke

- effect boss endersignal =HP <chance>

  • radiusfirework

- effect boss radiusfirework <type>:<colors>:<fadecolors>:<flicker>:<trail>:<flightduration> =HP <chance>

Other Stuff

  • Added Metrics

Beta Release v0.1.0

First public development release!

Major Features

  • Creating Mobs
  • Mob skills and creating "Meta" Skills
  • Start of the Effects system

Coming Soon

  • Custom mob spawners
  • Items or equipment
  • Locations
  • Random spawning
  • Spawning eggs
  • Timers

Skills in most cases function identically to the skills used in EpicBoss Gold Edition. Documentation of these can be found here:

Differences in MythicMobs from EBGE include:

  • The health and chance fields in skills are OPTIONAL, if you leave them out they will fire 100% of the time
  • Boss attributes are called "options" instead of "tags"


  • command (or cmd)
  • consume
  • damage
  • damageself
  • effect
  • healself (or heal)
  • lightning
  • message (or msg)
  • radiuscommand
  • skill (aka "pack" or meta skills)
  • suicide
  • summon (aka swarm)
  • teleport
  • teleportnear
  • throw


  • sound
  • explosion

Mob Options

All options/tags from EBGE should work, let me know if I missed one. The list of them can be found here:

Feedback is Appreciated!

Please provide all bug-related feedback through tickets and suggestions through the forums.

You may want to delete old example files to generate new ones containing the appropriate new features.