MythicMobs v0.1.0


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    Jan 5, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.2-R0.2
  • CB 1.7.2-R0.1


First public development release!

This has not been tested thoroughly. All feedback is appreciated. As this is a beta build I will not be providing full documentation for it yet as I have not yet completed it or decided absolutely how I might do things. This build is intended for people who want to help me test things and make suggestions. It is intentionally modeled after EpicBoss Gold Edition, so many of the mob configurations will look familiar to users of that...

Implemented Features

  • Creating Mobs
  • Mob skills and creating "Meta" Skills
  • Start of the Effects system

Not Yet Implemented

  • Custom mob spawners
  • Items or equipment
  • Locations
  • Random spawning
  • Spawning eggs
  • Timers

Skills in most cases function identically to the skills used in EpicBoss Gold Edition. Documentation of these can be found here:

Differences in MythicMobs from EBGE include:

  • The health and chance fields in skills are OPTIONAL, if you leave them out they will fire 100% of the time
  • Boss attributes are called "options" instead of "tags"

Skills Implemented

  • command (or cmd)
  • consume
  • damage
  • damageself
  • effect
  • healself (or heal)
  • lightning
  • message (or msg)
  • radiuscommand
  • skill (aka "pack" or meta skills)
  • suicide (aka swarm)
  • summon
  • teleport
  • teleportnear
  • throw


  • sound
  • explosion

Mob Options

All options/tags from EBGE should work, let me know if I missed one. The list of them can be found here:

Feedback is Appreciated!

Please provide all bug-related feedback through tickets and suggestions through the forums.

May not load properly on Spigot.